Sunday, January 6, 2019

Costco for the Thrifty

   The Costco Wholesale Store has a membership fee.  That makes one hesitate to consider shopping there.  If you belong to a small family, you might think, why buy at a wholesale store?  We are two in the family so I took three years to decide.  Now I’m glad I did.  Here are the items where I ended up saving.

   I have been on dialysis for 8 years and I still I consume a truck load of soda a year.  I just make sure I take my phosphorus binder pill every time. A big box of Pepsi cost me $.30 cents per can.

   A bag of romaine lettuce with 6 in it cost me about $.50 cents each.

   My arm where my dialysis access is installed has become sensitive.  To make sure it doesn’t clog with blood clot, I had to get rid of my old jackets that are perfectly fit.  Now I need one or two sizes bigger.  Jackets are at the least over $20.  Costco has a jacket that sells for $13.00, that is warm, light weight and made of fabric like a shirt so I don’t look too cold.  When on dialysis, you’re always cold but I still don’t want to look it.  I loved the jacket so much I bought 3 of them.

   The rotisserie chicken is the best in the market.  The chicken if perfectly drained of blood in preparation.  You won’t find meat darkened with cooked leftover blood.  It only cost $5. For a big one.  I can make 3 dishes out of it and then some.  Even the bones after I have removed the meat is good for chicken broth you can use for chicken soup.  Below is a video of suggested dishes.  Here are the recipes how I make them.

Pancit Canton

Lucky Me Canton or any Instant Mami, any Instant noodle

Chopped chicken meat
Chopped lettuce
Shredded carrots
Chicken Salad

Pineapple in can
Shredded carrots
Chopped chicken meat
Miracle Whip
(no sugar, no other flavoring)
Chicken Alfredo

Alfredo Sauce in bottle or the Knorr Alfredo sauce mix

Chopped chicken meat
Chopped Broccoli or Celery

   My vitamins are cheaper from Costco and I take a lot of vitamins.  The dialysis machine cleans out the nutrients from the food so that goes down the drain.  I decided on my own but with my doctor’s consent to take the particular vitamins I need.  Vitamins B6 and B12, Vitamin C, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Calcium and Biotin for the hair, because most dialysis patients lose hair prematurely.

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