Monday, March 12, 2018

Three Generations of Movie Enthusiasts

   My mom didn’t read much so I didn’t grow up on fairytales and nursery rhymes.  Instead she told me stories about the movies that touched her heart.  One of them was All Mine to Give, a 1956 drama film about a family in the American west of the mid-19th century.  The parents die, one after the other.  The six children have to look after themselves.  The eldest is tasked by his dying parent to distribute his siblings to the families that could appreciate them.  
   Another of her favorite was The Last Time I Saw Paris.  It starred Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson as Helen and Charles.  After Helen recovers from a near-death case of pneumonia, they get married and settle in Paris.  After a fight angry Charles goes home first and lock the door.  Helen comes home and couldn’t enter. She has to walk all the way to her sister's in the snow and rain. She catches pneumonia again and dies.  This is the movie/story about pneumonia that stayed with me, if it killed Elizabeth Taylor in the movie, it could one day surely kill me.

   Then, I got children of my own.  I read a lot but went to the movies more.  My children didn’t grow up on fairy tales and nursery rhymes. I co-founded The Makati Film Society, which sponsored film revival events with critically claimed movies like the Godfather, Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, etc.  I gave my mom and dad tickets to my film events.  I didn’t expect them to come.  They did and my mom seemed to be proud of what I had done. 

   The arrival of Batamax movie copies in the mid-80's killed the film revival projects. I brought home Betamax tapes of movies I liked.  

   I tried to sneak in my teenage son to a Dirty Harry film.  I told him to pretend he was my date.  The theater usher caught us and threw us out.

   Now, I have written two books, REBEL and The Email Ordered Wife that I wish would get a movie deal.  They could be blockbusters in waiting.  
   The third generation arrived.  My daughter wants to write movies.  She has written and directed a college play, and has a film, Anak ng Tikbalang, which won 2nd Place, People’s Choice Award.  My mom died when she was three years old, I wish my mom could see her now.
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