Tuesday, February 6, 2018

5th Anniversary

Bible Articles Pageviews as of Today
   The Filipina Then and Now blog passed a Milestone this past year.  Page views reached 100 thousand three months ago, after 4 years in existence.  This month, let’s celebrate its 5th anniversary.  As I have written, 100 thousand is nothing to brag about considering the internet can deliver millions but as part of my ministry, not so bad.  Pageviews of the Biblical articles has reached conservatively 10,108 from 5,190 in November, 2017.

   Through this blog, I learned that I am a Pogonophiliac, Autodidactic Polymath.  Those are big strange words!  On top of those conditions, I have urgency addiction, which I have known for a couple of decades.

   Tranvia in Pasay City, Racial Divide, Time Travel and F.B. Harrison Ave. are a few articles that journey back in time.  

   2017 was a sad year for me.  My father, Marciano Camino died in August, followed by one of my brothers in November.  They will be missed. 

   I found two causes I feel strongly about, Free Dialysis Philippines and Transonic Monitoring equipment for all dialysis centers.  Dialysis patients in the Philippines are choosing to forego the expensive treatment.  The articles Guarantee to Life is Constitutional and Medicare Entitlement for Dialysis are basis for an appeal for a similar health benefit for Filipinos, which led to the article An Open Letter to President Duterte.

   The Transonic Monitoring equipment which helps monitor the efficiency of dialysis access in patients is very expensive.  Few dialysis centers invested in it because it does nothing for the center profit wise.  It helps the patients, but none of them can afford one and it takes a dialysis staff to work it.  

   Please note the comment of a patient on the left.  Without this equipment, the centers resort to needlessly putting patients through fistulagram (commonly called ballooning) every six months “routinely”.  This medical procedure is expensive and painful.  Transonic Monitoring equipment will painlessly give a monthly report on the blood flow inside the dialysis access.

   My daughter encouraged me to put up this blog in 2013.  In June 2017, she  encouraged me to launch a YouTube channel.  She gave me a tripod for my cellphone.  She fixed the lighting in my room for better videotaping.  I must admit I’m beginning to enjoy this new medium.  Let’s see where it will lead.

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