Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Plans for 2018

   On December 30, 2017, someone asked me if I got plans for the coming year.  I replied, “I plan to live!”  

   Young people plan about marriage, career, having children, travel, immigration, etc.  Some plan on accomplishing their dreams, like missionary work for the religious, organizing and posturing for the politically motivated, or raising money for the shopaholics.  

   The aging and aged make plans about the inevitable, dying.  Doctors will encourage and/or require a Living Will, “a document that explains whether or not you want to be kept on life support if you become terminally ill and will die shortly without life support, or fall into a persistent vegetative state.”  Family and/or descendants will be subtly looking for a Last Will and Testament with their name on it.

   I belong to the aged category.  I have a Living Will, as per doctor’s orders.  A Last Will and Testament would be futile.  I have no property.  I’m living on Social Security.  I have written two books which are waiting for a movie deal.  I’m writing my third book, my masterpiece, I hope.  I have a YouTube channel and this blog for the kind strangers all over the internet who spend their precious time on whatever is on my mind.

   I am sorry to disappoint my haters.  Instead of planning on dying, I have determined to plan on living for as long as Jehovah God allows.  Now, how do I do this?  I Googled “plan on living” and this is what I got, an app that boasts of a happiness tracker, a digital mindfulness manager and wellness platform.  Right now, I have no idea how this app will help me.  I will try it, though, because it’s free.  Filipinos are inclined to try anything that’s free.

   This app aside, my plans for living are as follows:

   1. Focus on my health problems and be proactive in finding solutions.  Instead of relying on doctor’s referral, I searched through my health insurance’s list of providers.  I have not been to a dentist for three years.  I found a good one!  I went over and it did not cost me any.  I had an allergy doctor in Louisville, Kentucky four years ago.  Now I have found one here in California.  I will call for an appointment.

   2. Manage my finances, what little I have left.  My descendants will have to wait for the final nail in my coffin.  All my previous generosity were repaid with hate.  Now I'm afraid if I gave anyone anything, I will be packing hate on top of hate.  “For men will be lovers of themselves...boastful, haughty... unthankful, disloyal,” (2 Timothy 1:2)

   3. I will keep writing and self-publishing.  My books are tributes to people I loved and have loved me.  My intent is to immortalize their characters, that should remain floating in the wind like a plastic bag, long after I have died.

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