Friday, December 15, 2017

Lone Wolf Friendly World

   When I was a child in the 50’s, out of curiosity maybe, my mother asked me, “How do you want your life to be when you’ve become an adult?”

   “I will live in a small place so I won’t have too much to clean.  I will work so I can pay rent,” I replied.

   “Silly girl, when you get married, your husband can help you with the rent, so you can get a bigger place and a housekeeper to clean for you,” my mom replied, based on her lifestyle of having two live-in housekeepers.

   “Can I not get married?”

   “If you don’t get married, you won’t have children.  If you don’t have children, who will take care of you when you get old?”

   “Oh I want to have children.  I will be the one who will give birth anyway, so I can have children without getting married.”  My reply was so ahead of my mom’s time, ahead of my time even.  She couldn’t wrap her head around my rebellious future plans.

   “Why don’t you want to get married?”

   “Well, a rich husband will cheat on me and mistreat me.  With a poor one, life will be difficult.”  I replied based on common plots in radio drama series.

  My mom gave up the conversation.  She could not, in all honesty, guarantee that my judgment was incorrect.

   Fast forward to the 70s, I lost my poor first husband to Martial Law.  My Engineer second husband did cheat on me.
   By 1980, the world was ready for my childhood dream.  Just as I said in the distant past, I had a child on my own, courtesy of a lover I can’t keep.

   Now, I’m 65 years old, sick and single.  Just in time, the world has turned ‘lone wolf’ friendly.  I got a security system that keeps me sleeping soundly.  The ADT thing actually talks in a woman’s voice to tell me “Window open!” or “Door open!” and sends an alarm to the nearest law enforcement.
   When I need recipes, I can Google the dish.  When I need directions to go someplace, I got Google maps and GPS.  When I want to check out services, I got Yelp.  When I need someone to talk to, I got Siri or Alexa.  When I want friends, I got Facebook.  Should I want to see a movie, I got Fandango.  If I can’t drive, I got Lyft or Uber.  Whenever I travel out of the country, they give me a wheelchair at the airport with someone to push me.  If I should need a massage, a chair will give me a good one for $1-5.
   I heard there is a hug service I can buy, otherwise I can get a comfort pet.  Now, a kiss service I haven’t heard of, but it will come along.

   I wish my mom could see me now.

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