Saturday, August 26, 2017

Picture of Being in Love

   Our perception of another person’s looks registers through the eyes but is interpreted by the brain.  If we know for a fact that the person is a senior citizen, no amount of make-up will get us to see a twenty year old.  The camera has no brain.  What it sees is what you’ll get.

   When I was with the love of my life, I took our daughter to a photo studio for a mother and daughter portrait.  I was so beautiful in the picture that it didn’t look like me at all, just like my photos while pregnant.  Back then, people said it was because I was having a girl.  That’s a Filipino superstition.  My looks in photos went back to my normal after the love of my life walked out on us.

   Fast forward to 2009, I visited the grave of the same “love of my life” at 57 years old.  Upon review of my photos taken beside his grave, it showed me looking no older than thirty.  My features were modified by one of life’s little mysteries.  Just as some people’s hair turn gray almost overnight or they shrivel and look older beyond their age as an effect of tragedy.  My proximity to him made me beautiful as it did when he was alive.  On the way home, my face changed slowly back to the way it was, not ugly but fifty something Asian.

   There seems to be a level of being in love that only the camera lens can see.  It's beyond scientific explanation.  Haven’t you ever wondered why some couples look so good together?  Yet each one is not as good looking without the other.

   Was it chemistry that sitting next to his ashes made me look young?  Was it the power of being in love, which I am still?  Was it a reflection of happiness that comes from the depth of the heart, in knowing that I would be buried next to him, and will rise with him in the resurrection of the dead?

  “Your dead will live.  My corpse will rise up. Awake and shout joyfully, you residents in the dust!” (Isaiah 26:19)

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