Friday, July 7, 2017

An Excerpt from REBEL

   A reader of REBEL said that he thought the part about the main character Gina and Reb, a married couple living with her second husband and his second wife under the same roof was pure fiction because it seems unthinkable.  I’m sorry to disappoint but that part of the book along with the rest of the book is pure reality.  People do unthinkable things when the situation dictates.  Here’s the excerpt in question:

   “She realized she would be losing sex with Reb, with Marites under the same roof.  Despite her radical views on life, a three way or four way was not acceptable.  This could mean the end to her sex with Reb.  No problem, there’s still Anton beside her every night.

   That night, Anton loved the idea.  That it came from Reb showed cracks on the three way relationship.  Anton knew Gina’s big ego would not be comfortable with another ‘cook in the kitchen’.  He didn’t have to meet Marites to know, this would be the beginning of the end.  There was some gamble in sharing an address with a wanted couple, however, Reb was already sleeping in his living room anyway.  If he refused this move, it would make him the bad guy.

   “I understand why we need to do this.  We need to help Reb get on with his life so he can enjoy the same happiness we have found with each other,” Anton said, searching for any resentment she might have towards Marites.  He saw nothing.

   The two couples moved into their new place.  Gina got comfortable that Reb has a permanent shelter.  Anton felt like someone playing Bingo, with one number missing to win.  Everyone seemed happy.  Marites most of all.  Reb has finally committed to her.  He played his role of a newly coupled, sweet and loving, particularly when Gina was around.

   The first few months went smoothly.  The two men, as usual, were careful not to mess things up.  Gina and Anton got to go out more often knowing Jojo was in good hands.  She was no longer afraid of Reb taking the boy away, since they all lived in the same place now.  Unlike the neighborhood they left, no one here knew about their relationship.  They seemed like two normal couples sharing an apartment.

   As time moved on, Martial Law made a dent on the movement’s activities and finances.  Reb’s rent money started to dwindle.  Gina made up for the shortage from her own monthly budget that came from Anton’s salary.  It was making life difficult but if the alternative would put Reb out of shelter.  She would rather suffer it.”- end of excerpt.

   All the characters are in their late teens in the 60’s, when life for teens in the Philippines got exciting!

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