Monday, June 26, 2017

An Open Letter to President Trump

   According to Reuters in 2012, “The U.S. current account deficit shrank to its narrowest in nearly two years in the third quarter…”  Efforts were made and results reaped, however today we have a new dilemma, how to save on Medicare without hurting anybody. 

   How about we think outside the box and apply a global solution to a local problem.  If big corporations can outsource jobs to China to conserve capital why can’t the US outsource the medical expense to help the economy?

   Hospitals and medical practitioners in the Philippines are just as good as their American counterpart. but would cost Medicare 40 times less.  Dialysis cost less than $100 per treatment in the Philippines.  

   "Hemodialysis treatment costs an average of $89,000 per patient annually in the United States. This amounts to a total annual hemodialysis cost in the United States of $42 billion; $34 billion of this is absorbed through the Medicare budget. The remainder is either covered by Medicaid, private insurance, or paid out of pocket."

   Seniors living on disability benefits can hardly keep the heat on in the winter while their rich counterparts are enjoying Florida and Hawaii.  The Philippines has beaches and climate like Florida and Hawaii but the Philippine currency makes every dollar worth 40 times. 

   Fresh food does not cost as it does in the US.  The ‘fresh markets’ are selling freshly butchered meat, just harvested fruits and vegetables and sea food right off the fisherman’s dock.  This as well as the sea air would help improve the health of the seniors.
   An English speaking live-in maid in uniform, a privilege reserved for the very wealthy in the US cost about $70 a month.

   The cheap rent the seniors on disability benefit can afford places them in the high crime rate areas where they are at risk of break-ins and at worst brutal crimes.  Presents statistics about crimes against seniors involve weapons, serious violence— murder, rape, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and kidnapping.  A $400 rent in the Philippines could get these seniors a high rise condo with the security and amenities they could not enjoy in America for that amount. 
   The one way flight to the Philippines (from $800 to $1300) could be covered by flight credits from participating airlines to be paid in interest free installments.  This might inadvertently help the airline industry.

   With the US Embassy already in place, processing this may not cost the US government a dime.  If the Medicare spending were to be reduced 40 times less previous numbers would it impact the US economy?  What do I know?  I’m just an immigrant  looking at the best of both worlds. 

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