Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Importance of Collagen

   Collagen was first discovered in the 1930’s.  It is a fibrous protein that supports tissues.  It has tensile strength and found in fascia, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone and skin.  Tensile strength, a quality of rubber, is responsible for elasticity.  The lack of collagen leads to facial wrinkles, vein weakness and could lead to eye deterioration from the wear and tear of veins in the eyes.  

   The most common use of collagen is anti-aging component in cosmetics.  Finding one that has collagen would be more expensive than what’s commonly sold.  Collagen can now be added to cosmetics that don’t have it.  There is a pure collagen in liquid form sold in Ichiban Kan, in Tanforan Mall, in San Bruno, California.  

   I have added collagen to my Eskinol, a skin toner I have been using since high school.  A little amount of Eskinol in facial cotton takes left over make-up and dirt that soap and water leave behind.  Whenever I was sick and can’t shower, I use Eskinol all over my body.  It is available in most Asian stores.  By the way, I have also added Vitamin E by cutting my Vitamin E capsule in two and dumping in the Eskinol bottle.  Similarly, I have added collagen to my Olay beauty fluid lotion and Eucerin body lotion.

   My daughter bought a powdered collagen gelatin that she adds to her tea or coffee.  She swears it cleared up her skin and erased her start-up wrinkles.  She’s in her mid30’s and shouldn’t have to worry about wrinkles but vanity runs in the family.  

   In my 50’s I got away with taking a decade off my age.  Now I need a little help.  I am contemplating on adding the edible collagen to my soda or desert.  Let’s see if the gelatin collagen does something for me. 

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