Sunday, February 5, 2017

Blog’s 4th Anniversary

   The first three anniversary posts are about the articles, the page views / audience and reviews of shows I found interesting.  This time, on the 4th anniversary of this blog, I want to make it about writing, what writing  has done for me.

   When physical activity has been limited by age or health problems, mental capacity could deteriorate as a result.  I have noticed in me more and more incidents of forgetfulness and loss of focus.  The article Keying In really happened, among other manifestations of short term memory loss.  I am afraid that I might turn senile.  

   Writing the articles serves as exercise for my brain.  Some topics use some imagination or a bit of research, thanks to Google, Wikipedia and  Lay outing and formatting the articles, some with videos or photos I took myself, or a chosen music pulled from YouTube allows me to get creative.

   Creativity is a privilege given by our Creator when he made man in his image (Gen. 1:27)  No other creature on earth was given artistic or literary talent other than us, mankind.  There are a ton of entertaining videos of animals on line or on television.  None of those animals can write.

   In between blog articles, I edited my first book The Email Ordered Wife for the third time.  I thought I would never see the book printed.  Then I submitted to Barnes and Noble for paperback sales.  It came out on October 4, 2016.  I received two copies of the printed book from Barnes and Noble in the mail with a note that said “Thank you for publishing with us”.  I wrote an article on the journey titled, Paperback Writer.

   I was encouraged to finish the second book REBEL which I started writing in August, 2012, almost immediately after the first book came out in for Kindle.  This second book was completed in May 2016.  I continued editing it to search for errors until in January 13, 2017, the REBEL came out in paperback on Barnes and Noble.  I wrote the article Paperback Writer – Book 2.

   To have a book in paperback is a gift from God, to have two is an undeserved blessing.  I can’t see why but for some reason Jehovah God loves me.  He never gave up on me through my rebellious decade followed by my decadent decade.  Now that I’m in my mid-sixties, he is keeping my head straight.  I have started writing my third book titled The Matriarchs of Cavite.  Hopefully, by 2020 I will have my third book in paperback before I lose some part of my brain to aging.

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