Friday, January 20, 2017

The Media Then and Now

   There was a time when media had integrity and substance.  Back then it was more credible than government and trade pronouncements.  Thus, it served as a check and balance between the powerful and the marginalized.  It exposed crimes against humanity for the world to learn from the experience.

   Some notable media exposés that rocked the status quo are Mi Lai Massacre, Watergate and Iran-Contra.  The Mi Lai Massacre was covered up “for a year until an independent investigative journalist - Seymour M. Hersh - uncovered the story in 1969.  Once surfaced, Newsweek, Time, and Life magazines featured the story, including the gruesome images of slaughtered villagers.” (Lessons of Vietnam and Military Reform

   Watergate was the scandal that brought down President Nixon. “The connection between the break-in and the re-election committee was highlighted by media coverage—in particular, investigative coverage by The Washington Post, Time, and The New York Times.  The coverage dramatically increased publicity and consequent political repercussions.” (Wikipedia)

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   The Iran-Contra scandal stemmed from the US’ foreign policies regarding Nicaragua and Iran.  Fearful of socialism in Nicaragua, the US backed ‘contras’, paramilitaries against a revolutionary regime. “On November 3, 1986, two Lebanese newspapers broke the story of the Iran arms deal, and quickly thereafter the entire scandal began to unravel in the United States.” (The Iran-Contra Affairs

   It wasn’t easy to be a news reporter.  Questions were asked to get to the truth.  Answers were analyzed to find hidden motives.  Journalist were assassinated by the evil people they went against.  At least 72 journalists have been killed in 2015.  In August 26, 2015, two journalists in the US, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, were killed during a live news broadcast on WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia. (Wikipedia)

   Lately the evil assassins found a better way to kill journalism.  It’s called “dollar-a-word deal” with the unscrupulous “yellow journalists”.  Biased reporting has been used to hurt or help.  Worse than that, fake news have proliferated to confuse the public so that we simply give up on the search for truth.  

   One news program stands out.  World News Tonight with David Muir, available in Hulu, has consistently broadcasted the news exactly as it happened, no tricks, no innuendos.  At the end of every episode a heartwarming or tear-jerking segment on humanity is featured, like a desert that takes away the aftertaste of bitter food for thought.  
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