Friday, January 27, 2017

Paperback Writer - REBEL

   The REBEL is now in paperback in  It provides some insight into the heart of a nation on its journey to freedom.  The  REBEL is a tribute to a political activist better known as REB.  He was not as heroic or as famous as Commander Dante.  The news media never met him. However, I feel it’s time that we read about the man, as a father, as a husband and his contributions to the movement as far as disclosure allows.

   REBEL provides an acknowledgement to the leaders and members  of the Kabataang Makabayan who have similarly given their lives to the struggle.  Ginto and Kinis died of natural causes.  I heard Baba died in battle.  It was said that he used to stand up in the open, daring the enemy, during gun fights.  I bumped into Bungo during First Quarter Storm (FQS) founding dinners in the 80’s.  I have heard nothing about Naning for decades.  Penny has taken the fight for social and political change right here in America.

   As a wife’s testament to a uniquely wonderful husband, the book REBEL is not all politics.  It gives a glimpse of a place and time too fresh to be called history and yet too far to relive.  The sexual revolution that came with the women’s liberation movement affected the conservative Filipina the most.  While the western teens had been dating for decades prior, the Filipino teens found not only their voice but also their sexuality in the late 60’s, shaped by their cultural, religious and regional influence.

   The details on poverty are not meant as a put down but rather as an evidence of the Filipinos’ determination to survive whatever life throws their way.

Postscript (July 6, 2018)

REBEL is now available in paperback and Nook book!

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