Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Mother's Home Remedies

   It takes a lot of pain and discomfort for a Filipino to see a doctor.  Not only because we are stingy.  We have home remedies passed down for generations that have proven to be effective.  God gave us medicines pharmaceutical companies are just discovering.  Here are some of them:

Rice Tea
   When I was a child, if anyone had stomachache, my mom roasted uncooked rice in a frying pan.  After the rice has blackened, she boiled the roasted rice to make tea out of it.  The rice tea worked on stomach acid, gas, constipation, loose bowel and most everything else.  Now, here in America I found a rice tea that does not need a lot of work from Ichiban Kan, a Japanese store in Tanforan Mall.  Just drop it in hot water like regular tea.  It smells exactly like my mother's rice tea and just as effective.

From: http://neuleaftea.com/
   Guava leaves when boiled helps to heal skin infections and superficial wounds.  It is also used as a first bath for mothers who just delivered a baby.  Sitting on the warm water with guava leaves helps to heal laceration. 

   In the Philippines. sea salt, God's invention, was good enough.  Epsom salt soak for hand and foot is available at Dollar Tree.  A bag is good for 3 uses.  At the end of a long day on your feet, soak your feet.  I grew a bump on the palm at the base of my ring finger.  It hurts when the weather is cold.  I took it to two hand doctors and they both said the same thing, they will operate to remove the bump.  I declined.  When I soaked my feet I put my hand in as well.  What do you know!  The bump is almost gone, not hurting anymore!  I saved myself the pain and expense of an operation.

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   Bitter melon is an ingredient in many Filipino dishes.  Some 20 years ago it was discovered to be good for controlling blood sugar.  Pharmaceutical companies created from bitter melon anti diabetes capsules, tea, etc.

From: http://freefarm.org/
   Calamansi juice was used for weight loss. It is diuretic so that it prevents or reduce water retention.  It's also rich in Vitamin C.  It’s often used to flavor tea.

   God's medicine has no adverse side effect.  You can ask my mom.

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