Saturday, December 3, 2016

Climate Change is a Poverty Issue

   It’s easy to blame one who is not present.  Thus every calamity is called ‘an act of god’.  Climate change deniers are as many and as prominent as those who brought the issue to our attention.  
   There are tons of scientific evidence presented.  Famous names have taken the cause.  Some laws have been passed to minimize the advance of global warming.  These resulted in a more systematic waste segregation and recycling, better landfill management and composting on a nationwide scope.  

   Federalism created different strokes for different folks.  Wood burning fireplace is not allowed in California but is allowed in the Midwest states.  Homes in States prone to drought have a shower while in the Midwest, even the cheapest place has a bathtub. 

   Flash flooding is dealt with one storm at a time, with no permanent solution other than the age old water pump.  Flood water can be pumped into waterways, rivers and shorelines when low tide allows.  States in the center of America have no shores and may have no river running through it.  In those places, the water pump does little help.  I have seen a city where flood water is pumped towards the poor community populated by African Americans.  This results in basements requiring expensive and arduous repair, not to mention the damage to the building foundation and home appliances.

   That brings us to the one argument about climate change that has not been discussed.  Climate change is a poverty issue.  Global warming does not affect the rich in their sturdy hilltop mansions and high rise apartment towers.  In the comfort of those homes, politicians watch the six o’clock news about the flood rescue and fatalities then go to work the next day and make laws about taxing soda.

   The Philippines get six months of typhoon season every year.  If a storm falls during high tide in islands barely above sea level, people drown.  Only poor people drown.  The worst that can happen to the rich man’s home is the swimming pool gets a little messed up.

   As an act of god who loves the poor “He will have pity on the lowly and the poor, and the lives of the poor he will save.” (Psalm 72:13), global warming and climate change blame needs a second look “and the appointed time came … to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” (Revelation 11:18).  

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