Sunday, November 27, 2016

Be Kind to Your Eyes

   We spend a lot of money on shampoo for our hair.  We pick the latest and most beneficial depending on our hair texture.  The same goes for the skin, from lotion, toner, facial mask, dermabrasion, all the way to facelift surgery.  The feet gets expensive signature shoes.  

   What do we do for our eyes?  The one organ that leads us through life is the most neglected.  We order prescription glasses when we are forced by necessity.  Ladies batter their eyes with tons of makeup, from powder or cream shadows to mascara, to heavy fake thick lashes attached with glue.  Then they remove everything with a chemical called eye makeup remover.

   The use of eye makeup started in Biblical era (2 Kings 9:30).  Cleopatra is portrayed in history and movies based on her life as big on eye makeup.
 The Filipina caught on when American cosmetics arrived in the Philippines.  Still in the 50’s, lipstick was the most commonly used.  Revlon was my mother’s brand.  Mine is Maybelline.  My daughter’s is whatever catches her attention.

   We spend on cellphones, cover them with glitters and all it could say is what we type.  The window to the inner person, the eyes, transmit involuntary messages like anger, fear, love, etc. that even the best trained actor can’t fake.  Our eyes can speak volumes in a glance.  It reflects the person’s racial identity through color and shape.  Even babies who can’t say a word show intelligence with their eyes.  The eyes show compassion towards others better than money changing hands.  

   If the eyes could complain, what would it say?  I heard mine speak to me.  Now, I wash my eyes daily with a couple of drops of Visine at the end of the day and in the morning as soon as I get up from bed.  That’s not too expensive considering that the eyes age without discoloration.  Blue eyes will be blue from cradle to grave.

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