Monday, October 3, 2016

Pets for the Poor

   Every year, approximately 2.7 million pets are euthanized in animal shelters in the United States.  For a country of animal lovers, where do we put the blame for those deaths?  Illness, aggression and overpopulation are 3 major reasons why shelters have to euthanize pets.  This brings us to the question, with all the animal lovers fighting for animal rights, why are these pets not being adopted.  

   The strict animal protection laws have made it very expensive to keep a pet.  The most common reasons why people relinquish or give away their dog is because their apartment does not allow pets or if pets are allowed, a hefty sum is added to the rent.  

   Pet owners in America have to provide dog food, veterinary treatment, a dog walker, pet toilet and/or diapers, trainer, sweaters for walking out in winter, etc.  Thus, having a pet is a luxury.  
   The poor in America will have to find pets they can afford.  I remembered my son, Joseph used to have pigeons in the backyard.  He made the cages himself.  Here in America, birds are untouchable.  They are everywhere, dropping on cars, nesting on roofs.  A flock has been residing at the train station.  I have been making bird food for them.  I toast stale bread or the ends of the loaf then break them in bits with a blender (dry).  Then I enjoy watching the pigeons eat.

   Recently, I discovered bugs in my stock of rice.  They are harmless tiny creatures that live off the starch that covers the uncooked rice.  I washed the rice in preparation for cooking and found two.  They looked dead.  I thought they may have drowned.  I picked them and laid them on the rag by the sink.  After I got the rice cooker started, I went back to the rag to dispose of the bugs.  They are gone.  I looked and found them inching towards under the microwave oven.  I picked them up and instantly they looked dead.  
   I caged them in a zip lock bag with some bread.  Every time I pick up the bag they play dead, then wait for it, they start to move.  Those buggers know how to play dead to protect themselves!  Another marvel of God Jehovah’s creation, their almost microscopic brains can outwit a human!  

   I went home for a three-week vacation to the Philippines in spring of this year.  I fell in love with my cousin’s dog, Tore.  Now I’m back in the US I shop at Dollar Tree for dog biscuits and toys.  I send them to Tore.  In return, I get videos of him.  It’s a long distance love affair.  If Tore and I start chatting on line, someone please get me a psychiatrist.

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