Friday, October 28, 2016

A Bird’s Life

   I have been doing cart witnessing with a sister on Wednesdays at the Daily City BART from as far back as January 2015.  We stand by the bus stop.  The two hour long shift has been gratifying partly due to our growing affinity to the birds in the area.

   In the US the birds are protected by law.  Doves and crows are all over the place, with a few seagulls here and there.  Recently I have been prompted to feed the birds in Daily City BART.  I save any stale bread or the ends of bread loaves from home.  I toast the bread to make it crunchy, then I crumble it with a blender.

   Edith and I enjoy feeding the birds.  We feel the birds are actually beginning to recognize us.  A man, a perfect stranger came up to me to commend us for our efforts.  He said I would get good karma.  I don’t believe in karma but I know Jehovah God appreciates kindness shown to his creatures.  “Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky.” (Genesis 1:26)

   Just as Ecclesiastes 9:11 says, “I have seen … that the swift do not always win the race, …nor do the wise always have the food, … nor do those with knowledge always have success, because time and unexpected events overtake them all,” the past Wednesday was a sad one for Edith and me.  A bird, one of our birds as we have owned them in our hearts, was caught under a bus right in front of our eyes.  It was an upsetting sight.

   I looked at the birds perched on the roof of the bus stop, half expecting to find them horrified and grieving.  They simply looked the other way and went on with their lives.  

   The typical grieving time for humans, according to something I read, is about six months.  Still for some, it stays for a lifetime.  In this regard, God gave the birds a gift we didn’t get, immunity from despair.

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