Monday, September 26, 2016

Keying In

   This afternoon, I came out of a building and tried to key into my car.  The key didn’t work so I flipped the key, thinking I put it in wrong.  It still didn’t work.  I started to get worried.  I took a hard look at the car.  The tires didn’t have hubcaps.  The door looked too big.  I realized it was khaki colored.  My car, Trixie, is dark gray.  I walked away to find Trixie.  

   A police car was parked right behind the car with two policemen observing what I was going to do next.  Apparently, the car I tried my keys in had an alarm that silently alerted authorities.  I thought the presence of the police had nothing to do with me.  I went into my car and drove on.  At the first red light I saw the police car following me.  That’s when I realized I was a suspect.  When I turned left, the police car went on its way.

   This is what happened a year ago.  I found my dark gray Toyota Matrix parked right in front of our gate.  I started washing it.  I tried my key on the passenger side door but it didn’t work.  I found some dents at the back.  Dents have been known to mess up door locks.  When I got to the front of the car I noticed more scratches.  Then I saw the plate has been changed!  

   “Someone has vandalized my car and stole my plate.  I am getting ready to call the police.”  I told my daughter after I finished washing.  My daughter ran out to check it out.

   “Mom, this is not your car!  That one is!” She said, as she pointed to another gray Toyota Matrix with my plate on it, parked just two cars away.

   All those mistakes would not have happened if I had a red car like Slick.

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PS Dec. 29, 2016:  
   Oooops, I did it again!  I keyed into my car and it's not mine.  As before, I flipped my key and it didn't work.  I was going to keep trying till I heard my friend yell "That's not your car!"  I need to stop doing this or I might one day actually drive off in someone else's vehicle and land in jail.

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