Monday, June 20, 2016

Who Created Sunday

   From the era of slavery, to colonialism to capitalism, labor was the sought after treasure.  Countries went to war to make slaves of each other.  Slaves were bought and sold for farm production.  Monarchies colonized small countries to enslave the population.  Capitalism virtually enslaved laborers through contractualization and outsourcing.  Contractualization is hiring temporary workers, for lower wages, with no benefits.  Temporary workers get rehired repeatedly under new contracts.  What do slaves, colonies and contract workers of capitalists have in common?  They work on Sundays.  

   In America, the ‘blue laws’, imposed the day of rest laws beginning back in 1610.  It states that “whoever on Sunday keeps open his shop, warehouse, factory or other place of business, or sells foodstuffs, goods, wares, merchandise or real estate, or does any manner of labor, business or work, except works of necessity and charity” shall be in violation of the blue laws.”  The blue laws made Sunday a compulsory day of rest.

   “In the 1800s, many Americans worked seventy hours or more per week and the length of the workweek became an important political issue.”   The hourly measure of work has taken back the Sunday, by overworking without over time pay on an extended weekday.

“In 1961, 49 states had laws limiting Sunday activities, the majority of which sought to give most workers the day off. Today, most of these laws have been repealed.” 

   So, whose original idea was it to give us a Sunday, a day of rest?  Before all the work even started, Jehovah, the God in the Bible, programmed the seven day measure of human activity.  

   “And God went on to bless the seventh day and to declare it sacred, for on it God has been resting from all the work that he has created, all that he purposed to make.” (Genesis 2:3)

   To reiterate and enforce the day of rest, the Sabbath law was given to Moses:  

“but the seventh day is a sabbath to Jehovah your God. You must not do any work, neither you nor your son nor your daughter nor your slave man nor your slave girl nor your bull nor your donkey nor any of your domestic animals nor your foreign resident who is inside your cities, in order that your slave man and your slave girl may rest the same as you.” (Deuteronomy 5:14)

   Before man thought of slavery, colonialism or capitalism, a loving God instituted a day of rest for mankind.  It is followed even by countries that worship other deities.  No other god can claim to have invented Sundays.  Without the Bible, greedy employers would have us all working seven days a week.

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