Monday, February 29, 2016

Moments in Manila

   My father, now ninety years old suffered a mild stroke in November, 2015.  Although I was in the Philippines just six months prior, I flew back came January to check how he’s doing.  His mobility has been affected but otherwise, he has fully recovered by the time I arrived.

   My first vacation in 2013 was spent almost entirely with one of my sons and his family.  The second vacation in 2014 was spent between Las Piñas where I got necessary medical treatment and Cavite to be with my father.  I thought this third vacation was going be the same, more so because of my father’s stroke.  But God had other plans. 

   The dialysis treatment which was 100% free last year is now 90% free due to some changes in Philhealth insurance coverage.  The hospital does not accept credit card and the cash I brought with me did not allow for the difference.  This affected the quality of my medical treatment, leaving me with less energy for the rigorous four hours round trip travel to Cavite.  What seemed to be a setback turned out to be a gift.  God Jehovah saw it fit to make this vacation all about me. 

   This time, I got to hang out with my loving cousins and nieces.  I had the opportunity to give some leg work to a project I had been mulling over.  I had a chance to be with the son and grandson I missed in 2013.  Despite his busy work schedule which included Saturdays and Sundays, he took time off to take me on a road trip to Tagaytay. 
 Island Cove    From:
We got to rediscover Island Cove, a place my family frequented when my sons were in grade school.  It has a lot more to offer now but we only came to dine and load up on fresh oysters.

   I chanced upon a boy about 8 or 9 years old sitting on the curb crying.  I asked him what happened.  He pointed to two boys half a block away.  He said those boys hit him on the head for no reason.  I saw the bullies looking at us.  I told the crying boy I’ll have a word with those two.  As I approached the bullies, they sprinted away.  Seeing that I got his back, their victim was emboldened and chased after them.  It always feels good to turn tables when an opportunity presents itself to do so. 

   I had time to look into the death of the Gunman.  The hospital listed on the death certificate did not have him in the Records Department file.  I was referred to the Emergency Room records which did not have him either.  There, I was advised to see the head of Security who might have a releasing logbook.  The security chief said they don’t keep any information over a year old.  I was given a list of funeral services that usually picks up from the hospital.  I would have to call each one to find who took him.  The Gunman is as mysterious and illusive dead as he was alive.

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