Monday, February 22, 2016

Mediterranean Spaghetti

   My father brought home a Mediterranean spaghetti recipe when he retired from the US Navy.  He said he got it from an Italian navy man.  The Filipino spaghetti is sweet.  The sweetness came from adding banana ketchup to save on tomato sauce.  That and children like it sweet.

   However, the Mediterranean pasta sauce is not sweet.  It has olives and capers, both of which are sour or tangy. I prefer the olive brand in the photo because it has not been pitted.  The pitted olives lacked the strength of olive taste, probably squeezed out of it during the pitting process.  As such, this brand of olives give out its natural olive oil into the sauce during boiling.  No olive oil however pure or virgin can match the taste that comes out fresh from the fruit into the sauce.

   The capers come in big or small sizes.  Capers is not a fruit.  It is actually a flower in the bud and may have medicinal qualities.  I like it just for the sour taste.

   Here’s the recipe for the spaghetti sauce:
  •    1 can of Hunts pasta sauce 
  •   Ground beef and mini pepperoni (quantity based on preference)
  •    1 big onion and 5 cloves of garlic 
  •    Olives and capers quantity as per preference
  •    Celery and carrots 
  •    Italian spices 1 tsp of each 

   Cooking instructions:

   Mince garlic and chop the onion in then sauté in small amount of olive oil.  When these are fully cooked include the ground beef and pepperoni.  Chop the carrots and celery.  When the beef is cooked, throw in the carrots and celery in the pot.  Flavor with salt and pepper.  After a couple of minutes pour the pasta sauce then add the Italian spices, capers and olives.  Continue simmering for a few more minutes for all the flavors to combine. 

   Use this sauce for any kind of pasta you got in your pantry.  Serve with parmesan cheese and mild banana pepper for decoration and additional flavor. 


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