Monday, February 8, 2016

Blog’s 3rd Anniversary

   2015 was full of surprises.  A total unknown Filipina rose to fame and fortune in 5 months from sheer talent and ingenuity.  Her story, the article A Filipina Called Yaya Dub, rose to the top of the list of popular posts in the same amount of time.  The other half of Aldub, Alden Richards, is featured in Ethnically Ambiguous.  

   The fan base of the Aldub tandem organized itself into a virtual nation, called Aldubnation, composed of people from all walks of life.  They are all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, bridging distance and social status.  Team Bahay are those who watch the show at home, Team Abroad are those who watch the show over the internet and there are Aldubnation chapters with representation from all the provinces in the Philippines.  Aldubnation has proven to be a formidable force.  The vigilance and social networking of Aldubnation exposed anomalies in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) which triggered a Congressional investigation prompting veteran actress Boots Anson-Roa to resign as a member of the MMFF executive committee.  Other members may follow.

   The Gunman Saga Continues tells about the recent news of the Gunman’s death, however unconfirmed.  A complete book about the Gunman is on its last chapter.  

   I paid tribute to my great grandmother in Grandma (Lola) Eugenia, to my dog Buddy and to my first car The Beetle.  I remembered our nanny of sorts in The Iron Lady.  

   Articles about friendship were added to the list such as The Sword, The Standbys of Makati and The Barkada Mentality while Postscript: Best Place to Work in Manila, Loving the Job, The Girl They Called ‘Manila Times’ are articles about the topic closest to the heart of the Filipina, her employment.  

   Cord-Cutting is a protest against the high cost of cable television.  A Proof of Genesis, Google It and Keep Knocking are Bible based topics that might just be what the reader is searching for.

   More Thrift Tips, If You’re Tired Of…, The Lunchbox and If You are Out of... contain household tips I gathered here and there.  Motherhood is not a perfect science.  We can all use a little help. 

   Pageviews for 2015  Thanks to all the readers!

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