Saturday, January 9, 2016

If You’re Tired Of…

   If you’re tired of your soda and tired of your orange juice put a little Sprite or Sunkist in your juice to give it a fizz or do it the other way around, squeeze lime or lemon or orange or calamansi juice in 7up, Sprite or Fresca.

   If you’re tired of the plain potato fries, flavor it by shaking it in a container with onion powder, garlic powder or Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Seasoning.     

   If you’re tired of the usual chain store burger, make your own with ground beef, mixed with finely chopped onion and garlic.  Mash it in egg and flavor with Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Seasoning then fry and enjoy.





   If you’re tired of your usual snack try the above.  Make a spread for sandwich or cracker topping.  
  1. Drain a can of tuna or pink salmon, sprinkle with lemon or calamansi juice to remove the fishy taste while crushing it.  
  2. Add an equal amount of finely sliced romaine lettuce, 2 spoonful of dill relish, 
  3. Ranch or Ceasars dressing, salt and pepper.  A little of the spread on top of party crackers gives your snack a party feeling.  You can also use it as an appetizer in your next party just top with grated mixed cheese and parsley flakes to decorate and add flavor.  

   If you’re tired of the usual store pies, make our own with Graham Cracker Crust.  If you have apples about to spoil, peel and take off the bad parts.  Slice the apple then boil in a cup of water and 1/4th cup of brown sugar.  Mix a pack of gelatin with a can of apple sauce then add into the boiling apple.  When the apple is tender, pour all into the crust and refrigerate.  It would be ready for dessert in a few hours.


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