Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Scary Filipina

   I came out of dialysis and went straight to Target to get my month’s supply of soda, the one thing I can’t live without.  My daughter was driving.  The parking spot was tight because the car on our left was sitting on the white line between us.  My daughter did her best to make sure there are spaces between her car and the lines.  Before she even pulled the ignition key off, my daughter said the men sitting on the next car on our right were talking about us.  I wondered what that could that be about.  When I got off from the passenger side,  the American guy on the driver seat said “Next time, park straight.  You’re crooked.”  He sounded irritated but not really angry or yelling.  

   Now, remember, I came from dialysis.  I was not feeling good.  I was hungry.  I snapped at him.  “How much straight do you want?  That other car on the side is sitting on the line.  We could hardly get in!”  I said 'in his face' as I peered through his window. 

   “Don’t worry about it.  Forget it,” the man replied softly to me, then looked straight at his windshield to avoid my stare.  

   I walked away towards the Target entrance.  The entire time till we got done shopping I could see the man’s face in my mind.  It seemed like I scared him and his son, around 12 years old, hid his face in his hood and crouched in his seat.  I realized the man may just be trying to impress his son by telling me off about our parking.  On that day, he picked the wrong Asian.  

   I am one of those who don’t let things pass.  I am proud to say that I am not judgmental, never go on the offensive, and I don’t think ill of anyone.  But I won’t take anything sitting down.  One brother in our congregation once commented that I am “scary”.  My two ex-husbands were scared of me and one of them was five feet eleven inches tall against my five feet zero.  The other one went to work everyday for weeks after he’d been fired.  I did not spank my children but they were all scared of me.  To be honest, I don’t know why people should find me scary.  

   We hurried out of Target so I could apologize to the American in the car but the line at the cashier was long.  He was gone when we got to the parking lot.  If the man I encountered at Target (Colma) should by any chance, find this post, I am truly sorry.  Please accept my apology.

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