Monday, December 21, 2015

More Thrift Tips

   Unless your last name is Trump I bet you could use a little discount on the following items that we spend on every month, i.e. hair color, dry cleaning, soda and once in a rare while, plumbing which could cost a lot.  

   To save on hair streaks or highlight, it would be better to do it yourself by using Revlon Frost & Glow.  Although the box instructions would say mix the entire content, there's no sense in using an entire box for a few strands.  Mix just enough for what you need in any plastic container.  Keep the unmixed left over in the box for future use.  A box allows me five applications on shoulder length hair style.  This brings the cost of one application to a fifth of the box price.  This also goes for root touch up of your regular hair color.  A box of hair color gives me 2 root touch ups to cover gray.  This brings the cost down to half.

   Use Febreze to dry clean coats, hats, seats, etc.  Spray generously (soaking wet) on the inside of leather coat then use furniture polish wipes on the leather.  For fabric or faux fur coats, spray until totally wet inside and out, then hung to dry.  The coat should be good as new when it dries. This should save you the expense of taking the item to the cleaner.  This also works for fabric upholstery.  For delicate fabrics test on a small hidden spot before doing the whole thing.

   If you are one of us who can’t live without soda, then it’s already part of your monthly expenses.  If fluid intake is limited by a medical condition like patients on Dialysis or just to save left over soda without it losing the fizz, invest on a soda can cover from Amazon. That way you can split one can in two drinks or more depending on your preference.  

   Laundry bleach has been known to put holes in fabric but is harmless to plumbing pipes.  If your shower or sink drains are slowing down as if it's getting clogged don't call a plumber just yet.  Try laundry bleach.  As the label says it removes soap scum and grease.  Allow two hours after the drain has been used before pouring down the laundry bleach and give it another two hours before using the drain again.  This might save you costly plumbing work.    

   Keep saving, we can’t all be rich.

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