Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ethnically Ambiguous

   Filipinos in multiracial marriages produced gorgeous ethnically ambiguous  children called mestizos or for short tisoys (male) and tisays (female).  These children are taller and have a complexion that range from light brown to many shades of white.  Some are born with aquiline nose called 'tukang loro' (parot’s beak) or the Caucasian nose called leptorrhine, the long and narrow which has become the model for Rhinoplasty, in common terms: a nose job.

Vanessa Minnillo from
   The foreign genes whether it be Chinese, European or American diluted with Filipino blood gets handed down from generation to generation producing unique physical traits as it goes along.  Most famous of these are Lou Diamond Phillips, Rob Schneider, Bruno Mars, Enrique Iglesias, Phoebe Cates, Vanessa Minnillo, Nicole (Valiente) Scherzinger, etc.

   This brings us to Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr., a.k.a. Alden Richards, our current Twitter trending, tisoy heartthrob.  In 2014, Richards became an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity Philippines, building homes alongside other volunteers and families involved with the non-profit organization.  In 2015, Richards became a part of the Philippines' longest running noontime variety show, Eat Bulaga!  His popularity skyrocketed due to an accidental love team between him and his Eat Bulaga! co-host Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza.  The love team is called Aldub and can be found all over YouTube.

   As for biracial mental assets, geniuses like Diosdado P. Banatao, a Filipino American “invented in the late 1980s the world's first ever single-chip graphics accelerator”.  His inventions revolutionized the personal computer we all can’t live without today.  “His first contribution to the computer industry was the Ethernet controller chip… Before that, computer networks operated on big, cumbersome systems that required a lot of space.”

   A Filipino inventor, Roberto Del Rosario patented the Sing Along System in 1975 which has evolved into the now known as Videoke.  Robert Del Rosario is the head of Trebel Music Corporation.  

   Abelardo Aguilar, a Filipino physician, co-created the drug Erythromycin (Ilosone®) in 1949. He sent his employer, Eli Lilly Co., samples of an antibiotic isolated from a soil that Aguilar collected in his home province of Iloilo, in central Philippines.  The antibiotic was named “Ilosone” in honor of Iloilo province where the soil was originally collected.  It gave an alternative medicine to patients with allergic reactions to penicillin.  Erythromycin treats bacterial infections, respiratory tract infections like pneumonia, urinary tract infection, ear and skin infections, gonorrhea, syphilis, rheumatic fever, whooping cough and diptheria.  Erythromycin has earned Eli Lilly billions of dollars, but Aguilar or the Philippine government received no royalty.  Aguilar was allegedly forced to resign by the company’s district manager or he'd get fired for various reasons.  In 1993, Aguilar died, after 40 years of struggling in vain for recognition. 

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