Monday, November 30, 2015

A Message to The Gunman

   The old Salawikain (proverb) “Pagkahaba-haba man ng prosisyon sa simbahan din ang tuloy,” is listed to mean “Sa tinagal-tagal man ng samahan ng magkasintahan, sa bandang huli ay humahantong din ito sa kasalan.”  

   In English, the proverb says “no matter how long the procession it always ends in church.”  The listed meaning in English says “no matter how long the engagement, it ends in a wedding.”  Most 'cultural' proverbs (not found in the Bible) are debatable.  Other cultures would contest one as erroneous or adapt, assigning to it an entirely different meaning.  Besides engagements don’t always end at the altar.

   My mother often quoted the above proverb.  However, she had her own interpretation which is unlisted in Google and probably unheard by other generation of Filipinos.  My mother was born in 1928, half a century prior to the Philippine marriage annulment law enacted in 1987.   She was raised to be a one man woman.  In her world, the above proverb meant, and I quote her, “no matter how many mistresses a man should have (since only men were allowed by culture to have an affair outside of marriage) at the near end of his life, he will return to his first wife.”  She usually gave real life examples to make her point, like a man left his first wife as a young man to be with other women, then came back home when he got old and broke, so wife no.1 cared for him until he died.

   When I mentioned my mother’s version to my daughter who was born in 1980, she said it’s wrong.  She quoted to me the Google interpretation.  Brainwashing from birth tends to stick for life.  I still can’t shake what my mother taught me.  Here’s my own real life example to corroborate my mother’s proverb.

   Becky and the Gunman married at 17/18 years old and separated when they were 20/21.  They are now both in their mid 60’s, the ripe age for my mother’s proverb.  In the spirit of Aldub Dubsmash here’s a song that the Gunman could have sang had it been composed in 1971.  
   At this point in her life Becky has asked me to put out there a hidden message enclosed in the song below that only the Gunman himself would catch.  This proves, once more, my mother’s version of the Salawikain, that spouses remember No.1 in the end.

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