Monday, October 12, 2015

The Smart Addict

   The addictive personality is not easy to detect.  Addiction is usually hidden, defended as normal, or justified as mere recreation.  Becky has an addictive personality but she’s too stingy to gamble and too smart to do drugs.  

   She was addicted to cola drinks from the time she was weaned from infant formula.  When the diet soda arrived, she switched to diet because she cared about her figure.  She was addicted to food but she worked out relentlessly, again because she cared about how she looked in a swimsuit.  She was a workaholic but again too stingy to be a shopaholic. 

   When she reached 17, she started drinking beer socially.  She couldn’t drink alone and she didn’t have money to buy beer for the whole gang so alcohol was limited.  (The Philippines is not as strict as the US about serving beer to a minor.) 

   Years later, she got done with school and got a job.  She was able to afford drinking.  She did the Makati bars with friends, upgrading from beer to Frozen Margarita, Screw Driver or Stolichnaya and Tonic. 

   When the budget was short she brought a miniature bottle of Rum in her purse, ordered diet coke and poured the rum in her glass while the waiter was not looking.  That’s Rum Coke right there!
Or she brought a miniature bottle of vodka and ordered orange juice.  Then she’s got a concocted Screw Driver.  

   Becky was addicted to boys too but she was too proud to buy one and too feisty to be easy.  Her love affairs were passionate but short.  Now, at middle age, she’s still addictive.  However, the boys have turned into men and to her, thirty is over aged.  Nights out are no longer an option and drinking makes her physically sick.  She’s still into diet soda and keeps the stash under the living room couch, what the fridge can not accommodate.  Being a senior citizen, she has retired.  A workaholic without a job to do is like torture.  It’s too late to turn shopaholic now because without a job there’s no money to splurge with.

   Nowadays, she’s addicted to celebrity love teams and write romance e-books.  They take her back to all the loves she lost along the way.  
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