Monday, October 26, 2015

In Fitness and in Health

   When I was thirty five years old I was diagnosed to be borderline diabetic.  I was prescribed a pill.  I researched the condition and found out I didn’t need the medicine.  I was not diabetic just on the verge of being one.  What I needed to do was cut down on rice to a cup per meal and exercise.  

   It was mid 80’s and the gym business was booming in Las Pinas.  Membership in a gym has become a status symbol.  It meant you have money to spare.  The biggest market was the bored housewives from the gated communities.  I walked into one.  

   I was not over the weight limit for my height so the instructor asked me which part of my body I wanted to build up and which I wanted to trim down.  I replied I wanted to keep my upper arms, legs, thighs and tummy tight.  He took me to the equipment that would help me accomplish my goals.  He taught me how to use them.  I needed to do only sixty counts each exercise.  The warm up was sit-ups which flattened my tummy and twists with a stick which trimmed my waist.
 I did three minutes on stationary bike to strengthen the heart, something my Cardiologist later confirmed. He gave me some weight exercises that would take the fat off my back, straighten my posture, and build up what little boobs I got.  Another weight equipment was for my legs and thighs.  

   I settled down to a routine of three hours, three times a week.  I was not overweight so I didn’t really lose any but I got tight and got more than I bargained for.  My boobs seemed to have increased in size.  My legs and thighs got better shape.  After six months I quit the gym.  I bought a pair of dumbbells and leg weights that could simulate at home what the gym equipment were doing for me.  I got a disc for waist twist.

 Instead of three hours, three times a week I shortened it to 60 counts each exercise, in all, a total of 10 minutes a day.  Ten minutes a day is not too much to ask.  I continued the routine at home for 30 years.  

   Now I'm in my 60’s.  I am still tight and fit.  I have retained my weight and figure.  What’s more I am still not diabetic.  That’s one border I haven’t crossed.  Those 3 months of gym membership was sure worth every penny.  


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