Monday, October 26, 2015

In Fitness and in Health

   When I was thirty five years old I was diagnosed to be borderline diabetic.  I was prescribed a pill.  I researched the condition and found out I didn’t need the medicine.  I was not diabetic just on the verge of being one.  What I needed to do was cut down on rice to a cup per meal and exercise.  

   It was mid 80’s and the gym business was booming in Las Pinas.  Membership in a gym has become a status symbol.  It meant you have money to spare.  The biggest market was the bored housewives from the gated communities.  I walked into one.  

   I was not over the weight limit for my height so the instructor asked me which part of my body I wanted to build up and which I wanted to trim down.  I replied I wanted to keep my upper arms, legs, thighs and tummy tight.  He took me to the equipment that would help me accomplish my goals.  He taught me how to use them.  I needed to do only sixty counts each exercise.  The warm up was sit-ups which flattened my tummy and twists with a stick which trimmed my waist.
 I did three minutes on stationary bike to strengthen the heart, something my Cardiologist later confirmed. He gave me some weight exercises that would take the fat off my back, straighten my posture, and build up what little boobs I got.  Another weight equipment was for my legs and thighs.  

   I settled down to a routine of three hours, three times a week.  I was not overweight so I didn’t really lose any but I got tight and got more than I bargained for.  My boobs seemed to have increased in size.  My legs and thighs got better shape.  After six months I quit the gym.  I bought a pair of dumbbells and leg weights that could simulate at home what the gym equipment were doing for me.  I got a disc for waist twist.

 Instead of three hours, three times a week I shortened it to 60 counts each exercise, in all, a total of 10 minutes a day.  Ten minutes a day is not too much to ask.  I continued the routine at home for 30 years.  

   Now I'm in my 60’s.  I am still tight and fit.  I have retained my weight and figure.  What’s more I am still not diabetic.  That’s one border I haven’t crossed.  Those 3 months of gym membership was sure worth every penny.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

If You are Out of...

   If you’re out of mayonnaise or allergic to mayo because of the egg content use Ranch or Caesar salad dressing on tuna, BLT or any deli sandwich.  I am not a fan of mayo myself.  I find the salad dressing gives more flavor to the vegetables in the sandwich.  

   If you have ants in the house but you’re out of insecticides, try wiping the places where ants pass with Johnson Floor Wax, Pledge, Lysol wipes or spray.  Even glass cleaner spray would work.  All of those don’t have the harsh chemicals in insecticides that could be harmful to humans.

   Fresh tomatoes can't be stored in the fridge too long.  If you see your tomatoes are about to spoil wash, chop and freeze in a plastic container. If you are out of fresh tomatoes but get canned tomato from Brown Bag you can use the canned tomato for Filipino food like ginisa or sinigang or sarciado.  Put what’s left in the can in a plastic container and keep in the freezer for future use.  

   If you are out of bread crumbs for fried chicken and you got potato chips laying around, enfold a few pieces in wax paper or paper towel.  Crush the chips with rolling pin or any glass jar.  The chips don’t have to be finely ground.  It will add flavor to the chicken.

   If you’re out of croutons but have a loaf of bread that’s about to spoil, make your own croutons with left over bread.  Mince some garlic and put them in a microwaveable dish with butter, let the butter boil.  Then put the garlic butter in bread and toast the bread in a toaster or a stove top oven.  Cut the toasted garlic bread in the size of regular croutons.  Keep the left over croutons in a Ziploc bag, with paper towel to absorb moisture, for future use.  The bread will stay a lot longer because it has been cooked dry.  

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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Smart Addict

   The addictive personality is not easy to detect.  Addiction is usually hidden, defended as normal, or justified as mere recreation.  Becky has an addictive personality but she’s too stingy to gamble and too smart to do drugs.  

   She was addicted to cola drinks from the time she was weaned from infant formula.  When the diet soda arrived, she switched to diet because she cared about her figure.  She was addicted to food but she worked out relentlessly, again because she cared about how she looked in a swimsuit.  She was a workaholic but again too stingy to be a shopaholic. 

   When she reached 17, she started drinking beer socially.  She couldn’t drink alone and she didn’t have money to buy beer for the whole gang so alcohol was limited.  (The Philippines is not as strict as the US about serving beer to a minor.) 

   Years later, she got done with school and got a job.  She was able to afford drinking.  She did the Makati bars with friends, upgrading from beer to Frozen Margarita, Screw Driver or Stolichnaya and Tonic. 

   When the budget was short she brought a miniature bottle of Rum in her purse, ordered diet coke and poured the rum in her glass while the waiter was not looking.  That’s Rum Coke right there!
Or she brought a miniature bottle of vodka and ordered orange juice.  Then she’s got a concocted Screw Driver.  

   Becky was addicted to boys too but she was too proud to buy one and too feisty to be easy.  Her love affairs were passionate but short.  Now, at middle age, she’s still addictive.  However, the boys have turned into men and to her, thirty is over aged.  Nights out are no longer an option and drinking makes her physically sick.  She’s still into diet soda and keeps the stash under the living room couch, what the fridge can not accommodate.  Being a senior citizen, she has retired.  A workaholic without a job to do is like torture.  It’s too late to turn shopaholic now because without a job there’s no money to splurge with.

   Nowadays, she’s addicted to celebrity love teams and write romance e-books.  They take her back to all the loves she lost along the way.  
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Monday, October 5, 2015

A Filipina Called Yaya Dub

   Leave it to the Filipino to make the most use of technology like no other.  The Philippines was called the text capital of the world as soon as the cellphone providers launched phone texting.  According to Wikipedia “The largest average usage of the service by mobile phone subscribers is in the Philippines...”

   Dubsmash is a video messaging application for iOS and Android where users can choose an audio recording of a famous quote or song from a list and do a lip sync video of themselves.  It was launched in November 19, 2014.  A Filipina, Maine Mendoza earned the title "Queen of Dubsmash" in the Philippines for a compilation of Kris Aquino impersonation that went viral with one million views overnight.  (Coconuts Manila)  

  A few months later, in July, 2015, Eat Bulaga cast Maine Mendoza as Yaya Dub, an old woman’s nanny in the KalyeSerye “Utilizing her Dubsmash popularity, Mendoza only communicates in the series through vocal dubbing and does not actually speak.” (Kalyeserye, Wikipedia)  The ‘Aldub’ loveteam was born when the initially snobbish Yaya Dub broke character when she reacted with obvious personal interest in Alden Richards whom she saw only on the show's live split screen.  Due to public demand, the short segment started to stretch.  It now occupies 40 to 1 hour of the Eat Bulaga  show inspiring the writers to come up with suspenseful daily episodes which include a secret diary stolen, two kidnappings, two interrupted church weddings, one car crash, and an obstacle course for dating between young lovers on the threshold of everybody’s dream romance.  

   The Aldub young lovers’ first meeting in person on September 5, trended in Twitter with 5.8 million rising to 25 million by September 26 where the couple finally dated, earning the right to be portrayed in Cosplay Manila 2015.  The audience reaction to Yaya Dub is phenomenal.  Maine Mendoza has 1.9 million personal followers in Twitter and 1.3 million followers in Instagram

   NEWS BREAK: It has been confirmed that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will be in the next Metro Manila Film Festival entry titled My Bebe Love.  If the theaters opened the ticket sale for this upcoming movie today it would pre-sell millions easily.  

   Ground breaking, barrier busting, endearing Maine Mendoza, a.k.a. Yaya Dub is the Filipina now.  Aren’t we all proud of her?  I am.  

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Post Script: 
   "AlDub, the perennial Twitter trending topic, has done it again, generating 41 million tweets with their hashtag #AlDubEBTamangPanahon, according to a release from Twitter Monday, October 26."

BBC News: "as Yaya Dub, Ms Mendoza has now become the third fastest-growing celebrity on Twitter, after US singers Taylor Swift and Katy Perry." 

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