Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cord-Cutting with ROKU

   “According to a new survey … data show that the so-called “cord-cutting” phenomenon — where consumers jettison traditional cable and satellite packages in favor of streaming services… Half of respondents said they were satisfied with online streaming options like Netflix and Hulu, while 30 percent said pay TV was too expensive.” (NBC News)  More and more people are cost cutting by cancelling their cable television service.  My family is one of them and it’s good to know we’re not alone.

   When I was in Makati City, Philippines I had a cable TV provider that gave us very bad reception.  We waited a couple of months to see if it will get better before we complained.  When I called for service no one came to do anything.  I had the cable TV cancelled.  When I got to talk to a neighbor ‘standby’ by chance and mentioned my cancellation, the boy offered to reconnect my cable for free, just for friendship’s sake and I won’t have to pay the cable company monthly.  Amazingly the boy did give me cable TV back with absolutely perfect reception, something the cable company was not willing to do for me.  In gratitude I gifted the boy with PHP300, he wasn’t even asking for.

   In Louisville, Kentucky I had Insight cable TV.  Insight gave me basic channels for $20 a month.  Their basic contract came with History, Comedy Central, Discovery, Showtime, Lifetime, no HBO but all local channels, etc.  I was happy with Insight.  Then the company was bought by Time Warner and changed the name to Time Warner Cable.  Now I see the basic cost is $29.99.  

   When I moved to California, I got Xfinity which offered the basic at $49.99.  The basic channels that I got had so many Spanish channels.  I don’t speak Spanish and except HBO, none of the channels mentioned above.  I am guessing the Latino community got all the English channels.  The probable reason for that is so the customer would upgrade from basic to a more expensive contract just to get more channels in their language.

   My daughter and I decided to let the cable TV go since we have ROKU with which we can enjoy YouTube, Reuters news, Amazon Prime, etc.

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