Sunday, August 23, 2015

No Logic

   An old friend in my younger days called me “non-conformist” as a pet name because I always had an opinion contrary to all.  When I vigorously defended my non-conformist opinion he said I “have the courage of my conviction”.  Now I see he was being kind.

   My daughter in grade school said to me “Mom, how come you have no logic?”  She’s a bit of ‘know it all’ so I just laughed.  Two of my ex-husbands, although they never met, both said in two different languages that I could be brilliant one moment then crazy senseless the next.  

   An incident recently sort of described what some people fondly dismissed as a ‘senior moment’ and laughed.  I leave it to the reader to define my train of thought on that morning.  Here’s how it went down.

   It’s often cold in San Francisco even in the summer so I had been waiting for a warm day to wash my car in the street parking.  I finally got a warm day.  I came out of the apartment carrying a small step stool and two buckets.  One has a sponge, soap and water while the other contained rinsing water and a dipper.  

   I found my dark gray Toyota Matrix parked right in front of our gate.  I started washing, the roof first using the step stool.  Then I did the passenger side.  I ran out of water so I thought of leaving the stool inside the car.  I was afraid someone passing might swipe it if I left it on the sidewalk.  I tried my key on the passenger side door but it didn’t work.  I thought maybe because the key hole is wet with soap.  I dried the keyhole.  I realized it’s so black with dirt.  That could also be the reason why the key didn’t work.  I detailed the keyhole and tried the key again.  No luck, I might have to get it fixed.  I gave up and continued cleaning.  

   I reached the back and found a couple of dents I haven’t seen before.  I knew dents could affect door locks.  I realized this might be the reason why my keys didn’t work.  I continued cleaning then after rinsing took shots of the dents to send to my car insurance.  I got more upset thinking about $500 deductible it would cost.  So upset that I washed the back car plate without much attention.  

   I moved on to the driver side of the car and found scrapes so light it might wash off.  This time I took photos before washing.  When I got to the front of the car I noticed more scratches.  I was so angry by then.  Who could have done this to my car?  Was this done on purpose?  Then I saw the plate has been changed!  Someone stole my personalized plate and replaced it with a regular plate.  Here I got angry and in a panic.  Someone drove my car.  It might have been used in a crime.  Or they might have used my missing plates in a crime.  

   I finished washing and carried my cleaning items back home.  I told my daughter "Someone has vandalized my car and stole my plate.  I am getting ready to call the police."  My daughter ran out to check and when I got to her she was laughing her head off.  I thought that was insensitive of her to laugh at my misfortune.

   “Mom, this is not your car!  That one is!” She said as she pointed to another gray Toyota Matrix with my plate on it, parked just two cars away.  

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