Friday, June 12, 2015

The Gunman Saga Continues

   Becky had dinner with her son.  He said he had a strange dream one night.  In the dream he attended a wake.  He didn’t see the face of the dead in the coffin but in the dream he knew the deceased was his father, the Gunman, and that the man died of natural causes, not in a shootout.  He believed it was the Gunman’s way of saying goodbye.  Becky didn’t buy it.  It’s just a dream.

   Some days after, a woman who works for the Civil Registry surprisingly showed up at the home where Becky was staying.  Becky told the woman about her wanting to confirm from records if the Gunman indeed has died.  She gave the woman three of the Gunman’s aliases, no known current address, no death date or place.  The woman came back with a copy of a death certificate on one of the aliases. 

   The document says the man died in 2010 at Las Pinas Doctor’s Hospital of cardiac arrest due to uremia, an effect of end stage renal disease.  He was on hemodialysis.  Uremia happens when treatment is skipped for too long for whatever reason.  The cause of death in the certificate is consistent with her son's dream but the name is an alias not his birth name and quite common so it may or may not be the Gunman.  

   Becky went to Las Pinas Doctor’s Hospital.  She asked the Dialysis nurses if they remembered the patient in the death certificate.  They described their former patient as akin to the Gunman to a tee.  Becky showed them a photo of her grandson who looks like his grandfather.  The head nurse confirmed that the deceased patient looked like the boy.  Then she asked to see a picture of Becky's son.  Becky showed her a recent photo.  The nurse commented "He's got your eyes" meaning the rest of her son's face took after his father.  How could the head nurse have known that if she hadn't met the Gunman?
   A male nurse said that the patient had missed treatments intermittently and used to come in all bloated with fluid.  That patient also asked him for help on buying medicines because the patient didn’t have an ID card to show the pharmacist.  How many people in this world would not be able to show an ID if his life depended on it?  Sounds like a Gunman.
   Another nurse said the man was brave about the pain that’s involved in the dialysis treatment.  That sounds like her Gunman indeed!

   Becky asked the nurses if there’s anything else they can remember about this patient.  One of them remembered a heavy set woman who used to accompany the patient.  The Gunman did have an ex-wife, among many, who fit that description.  The last time he and Becky talked he complemented her for keeping her figure and said his other woman "got fat".  She remembered because it felt so good to hear his complement, something she missed since they lost each other.

   Despite the clues mentioned above Becky could not believe the Gunman is gone.  It will take a lot more, short of his personal goodbye, for her to find closure.  She decided to continue searching.  Her next stop would be his provincial home town.  The saga of the Gunman continues.

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