Saturday, June 27, 2015


Below are some questions that need to be asked:

  • According to Huffingtonpost “Even more alarming, an estimated 70 percent -- yes, 70 percent -- of Black young men leave high school before earning their diploma.”  While a 9-year-old in the Philippines studies on the sidewalk because his home has no electricity.  Why?  (“Be wise, my son, and make my heart rejoice, so that I can make a reply to him who taunts me.”  Proverbs 27:11
  • After the invention of rubber bullet and the taser gun why are lawmen still firing live bullets on unarmed civilians?  Why is it even called “live” when it kills?  Shouldn’t it be called death bullet instead?  (“schemers of what is harmful…they not only keep on doing them but also approve of those practicing them” Romans 1:30-32)
  • A pawnshop sells second hand 9mm glock for $200 and an AK47 rifle for $700.  What makes those weapons so easy to acquire? 
  • The Philippines does not have a divorce law.  Couples marry, separate and move on to common law marriage.  America has a divorce law so why do some Americans choose to kill the spouse than file for divorce.  If it’s about money and property, then to save lives, shouldn’t pre-nuptial agreement be made an integral part of the marriage vows?  Marriage licensing could come with a pre-nuptial agreement form to be filled out by the couple which should contain what they own, what they owe and what they expect from each other.  Another common reason for killing a spouse is the child custody.  A pre-agreed child custody arrangement could be attached to the pre-nuptial agreement.  If everything is in black and white, would the couple be compelled to make each other happy to preempt separation?  Since the marriage vow is no longer as tight as it was some decades ago, shouldn’t the exit strategy be given more thought and preparation?  (“‘Whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce.  However   everyone divorcing his wife, except on account of sexual immorality…Matthew 5:31-32)
  • Members of the LGBT community are aching to get married while most heterosexuals are trying to avoid it, postpone it or worse, escape it.  Why?  Now that same sex marriage is legal, would the LGBT in the future have the same custody and property disputes as mentioned above?  

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