Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ichiban Kan - Tanforan

   I love chewing on the ice from my drink.  A lot of people do.  However the typical ice cubes can mess up your teeth.  Unless you have a fridge with an ice maker that can serve crushed ice, you will appreciate this ice tray.  This makes ice cubes in candy size that is perfect for making shakes or smoothies.  It has a cover so you can stack them up.  And it would be a hit at cocktail parties.  It cost less than 2 dollars at Ichiban Kan, Shops at Tanforan, 1150 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA.  

   I have a job that takes me walking for two hours at most, then stand without sitting break for two to three hours.  I’m not complaining I love it and I know at my age the more physical I get the better for my longevity.  However my feet are battered.  I can’t afford the electric foot spa so I got this foot soak basin also from Ichiban Kan for less than twelve dollars.  So at night I watch television after dinner with my feet soaking in warm water with sea salt.  How does this system of soaking compare to the expensive Ion Detox foot spa?  Detox helps to balance the alkaline in the body.  Sea salt is alkaline.  A foot soak in a basin of warm water and sea salt will do the same thing.  This could also help arthritis pains, foot fungus or any infection.  Sea salt (a product of Pangasinan, Philippines) is found in Asian stores for a little over a dollar per bag. The same salt can be used to season food and drive away house ants without the insecticide adverse effect on humans. 

   When shopping at Target or Walmart, etc., have you ever felt like walking out with the plastic shopping basket used around the store?  I’ve often wondered where I can buy one like those.  I found the one in the photo at Ichiban Kan.  Although it’s slightly bigger, which is good because I use it to carry laundry or groceries.

   I found the items above only in Ichiban Kan.  Next time you’re in Shops at Tanforan, check out the place.  You might find something you’ve been looking for.

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