Wednesday, February 18, 2015


   My son Jojo was gifted a dog by his college girlfriend.  It was no special breed, an Askal which means ‘street dog’.  Jojo named the dog Madonna, after the rock star.  I didn’t want a pet but couldn’t say no to a token of love.  

   Whenever I drove out of our gate I would see in my rear view mirror Madonna running after me.  Then I would have to drive back to keep the dog in.  If my son was busy, I fed Madonna and gave it a bath.  I realized I fed my children and gave them baths but none of them ran after me like Madonna did.  

   Two years later Jojo dropped out of college and ran away from home leaving Madonna totally in my care.  When he came home Madonna still recognized him but the love between them has grown cold.  Madonna has bonded with me in a deep friendship no one intended.  When Madonna died, I grieved secretly.

   After I lost the love of my life in death, I met Bob, a 60 year old American who owned a border collie named Buddy.  When Bob asked me to marry him, again I was not very keen on living with a dog but Bob assured me that Buddy was easy.  There’s no need to wash Buddy because it lives in the garage and cleans itself.  There’s no need to fix food out of left overs since dogs in America ate dog food.  

Buddy and me
   Buddy was waiting for me the day I arrived.  It came up to rub itself against my legs.  It was a warm welcome I didn’t expect.  True enough Buddy was no trouble, hardly barked, didn’t make a mess, and was always sweet to me.  As days went on, the love and appreciation I wanted to find in my marriage I got from Buddy. 

   The last time I saw Buddy it looked at me with sad eyes.  I never found out why Buddy disappeared.  I waited every evening.  After several days I knew Buddy was not coming home.  I ran out the door calling Buddy in tears.  Bob came after me and gave me a comfort hug.  He said he looked all over and that Buddy might have found an owner with better dog food.  I don't believe that.     

   Bob and I divorced after 3 years.  Buddy, like a child, might have saved the marriage.  I would have stayed for Buddy, or better yet, we should have run away together.  Maybe that sad last look was saying goodbye so I can move on.  

In 2015, I found a new borrowed pet, Tore. 

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