Monday, January 12, 2015

The Newsroom to a Filipina 2

   The television series The Newsroom season 2 opens with two highly reported and socially relevant events, the 2012 presidential campaign and the beginnings of Occupy Wall Street.  

   The Newsroom episodes on the Romney campaign showed a journalist demanding the details of the candidacy promises behind the rhetoric and the effects of religion on the candidate and the electorate.  As a Filipina I am all too familiar with the vague boundaries of the separation between church and state.  Elections in the Philippines have always been exploited by religions that claim to have power over their member’s votes.  Politicians not only pay these religions with financial favors but also allow them to control what laws to make.  This results in the Philippines being the only country without a divorce law, to go with the Vatican, the Roman Catholic state, which also do not have a divorce law.  

   The Romney campaign was portrayed exactly as it happened.  Campaign speeches flipped flopped according to the audience expectation.  The lack of details in the campaign promises laid the groundwork for future back stepping after election.  I watched on television the Democratic Convention where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords bravely kicked off the opening ceremonies after recovering from a very recent assassination attempt.  It brought me to tears along with the convention attendees.  

   The Occupy Wall Street mass actions brought me back to when my American husband accused me of being a Republican.  He claimed that because I was working for a bank and used a Blackberry I am a crony of the establishment that created the mortgage crisis and the succeeding bail outs.  Although I was an Executive Assistant for a bank executive I was not a banker in the real meaning of the word.  The character of Will McAvoy is a Republican with Democratic sentiments.  I am a non-democrat with some measure of Republican sentiments.  I believe no one can be absolutely one or the other.  Each individual should agree or disagree on a particular issue and not be bound to a political personality or political organization.  No one man or party can be right 100% of the time.

“I well know, O Jehovah, that man’s way does not belong to him.

It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.” (Jeremiah 10:23)

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