Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Pasay City Kid

   According to Wikipedia, “boys usually complete puberty by ages 16–17”.  In 1965, Marc was fifteen years old.  Like most boys undergoing puberty he developed an overwhelming interest in the opposite sex.  However, he was at the wrong place and time.  The sexual revolution that was setting the US teens on fire had not reached Philippine soil.  He was awkward around girls his age.  Marc had strict parents.  There was no sex education in school.  To get some sexual orientation during that period of transition from the conservative 50’s, Filipino boys had one option.  They went to the professional sex worker. 

   Prostitution was illegal but widely available.  With a corrupt police force, prostitution became a big business.  Every customer was assumed an adult.  Marc was caught by the police on a solicitation entrapment.  Very young offenders usually have parents who would pay the price to get the kid out of jail and the criminal record expunged.  Marc’s father paid but as soon as they got home he locked the boy in his room where he remained locked.  He was not allowed to go to school or church or even out in the porch or in the garden.  A tryst with a hooker that was not even consummated earned him a life sentence in his own room.  

   After ten years of lock up, Marc was able to escape.  He managed to walk out of the house and make it out of the gate into the street.  He was no longer the teen neighbors knew.  He has become a man in his 20’s whom no one recognized.  The years of solitary confinement had driven him stark raving mad.  He grabbed the first person in skirt that passed him.  It took half an hour for his father to catch him and put him back on lock up.  The girl he attacked was rescued unharmed but the whole neighborhood got scared.  In conversations, his neighbors called him crazy, maniac, etc.  

   After that incident, Marc’s family sold their home and moved out of the neighborhood.  No one has heard of what ever happened to the once shy teen and his strict parents.  To this day it is still debatable if the punishment fit the crime. 

 "Look! Sons are an inheritance from Jehovah;

The fruit of the womb is a reward." (Psalms 127:3)

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