Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Facebook Friend

   Life in this century has become so fast faced that there is not enough time to keep up with friends.  We have friends we don’t see or hear from for decades and yet we know that friendship remains just below the surface of our life.  

   We find friendship in the most unexpected places.  Like the officemate we meet at the break room or the people who share our interests and routinely cross our path.  Then there are accidental friends we find along the way like the girl at the bus stop or the doctor who has your welfare at heart.

   In 2004 a new kind of friend was added to our life, the Facebook friend.  As the song says “Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?”  We have friends all over the globe.  We have childhood sweethearts here and there.  How could we tell if anyone still cares?  The friend who ‘like’ our posts is one who cared enough to click that button.  One who wasted valuable time looking at our page, reading our comments, and commenting back must care a lot.  

   Then there is the Facebook friend whom we have never met in person yet shares with us a common place and time like the schoolmate who was not in our circle or a guy from the other side of our beloved Pasay City.  We can now all bunch up into a group page where we reminisce through posts and comments.  With these almost perfect strangers we open our family photos, our thoughts and opinions, our triumphs and tragedies which some of our family don’t know.

   God has given each individual the right to decide.  That right includes whether to accept or ignore a friend request.  The ‘so called friends’ we frequently meet who have ignored our Facebook friend request are probably just that.  

   A new way of ending friendship was devised.  As fast as it was gained it could be thrown out with the ‘unfriend’ button, the most humane form of rejection that has ever been invented.  No fights, no abusive words, a split is just a click away.  

   For the retirees who have a lot of time on their hands, they can find old friends and lovers from 40 years back, look at the photos and make the cyber reconnection.  Thanks to the communication satellite circling the earth that powers the bars on our device. 

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