Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Dabarkad Miss World Phil.

   Cherie was multitasking when she vaguely heard from the television that the new Miss World Philippines to compete for the Miss World title was from Eat Bulaga.  She knew all the beautiful ladies hosting in the studio but the name she heard was not familiar.  The name she heard was Valerie Weigmann.  She wondered if it could be one of the backup dancers.  

   The next time she heard the name the beauty queen was being interviewed.  She was all dressed up with a crown on her head.  It took Cherie a while to recognize the lady.
    She was used to seeing the girl in jeans and shirt top with her hair in ponytail.  It’s the girl she knew as Val.  The Val who went to all the Barangays with the Juan For All hosts.  She joked around with the rest of her cohosts.  She was so at home among the crowd of sweaty common folks.  There, under the heat of the Philippine noon day sun in the streets of different communities she was just Val.  It was not easy to imagine her as a beauty queen.   She went missing for a while and Cherie assumed being of German descent she must have gone back to Germany.

   Val’s Facebook says she is a print, ramp and commercial model, an entrepreneur who co-owns a restaurant named "bamm".  She may have been all that but the one thing that stands out is her being a part of the Sugod Bahay Dabarkads.  There’s something about being a Dabarkad that touches the heart.  It’s being in the company of people who care about the forgotten majority and actually do something for them.  

   Beauty contests claim that they are all about doing charity.  How many beauty queens have been to the remote barrios and Metro Manila urban poor areas?  Val has seen in person the different dire situations in the communities she has visited.  Whether she wins Miss World or not, Val will always be the beauty queen for the Dabarkads all over the world.


   The beauty queen went back to her humble beginning and rejoined Juan For All segment of Eat Bulaga in an urban poor barangay in Quezon City.  Unprecedented in the history of beauty queens! Despite her German heritage she is truly one of our own.

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