Friday, October 24, 2014

Google It

   In today’s world Google which leads to Wikipedia has become the ‘go to’ for verifying information.  Surprise, surprise!  Wikipedia confirms what the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been saying all along.

"Jehovah" at Exodus 6:3
(1611 King James Version)
   Jehovah’s Witnesses started preaching the name of Jehovah from the 1870’s.  To this date many people who pray to a heavenly father still do not believe that he has a name.  They can't accept that the God of Abraham and Moses, who sent his son to redeem mankind from the wages of sin answers to the name of Jehovah.  According to Wikipedia:

   “Jehovah /dʒɨˈhoʊvə/ is a Latinization of the Hebrew יְהֹוָה, a vocalization of the Tetragrammaton יהוה (YHWH), the proper name of the God of Israel in the Hebrew Bible, which has also been transcribed as "Yehowah" or "Yahweh".  יְהֹוָה appears 6,518 times in the traditional Masoretic Text, in addition to 305 instances of יֱהֹוִה (Jehovih)... 

   Most scholars believe "Jehovah" to be a late (c. 1100 CE) hybrid form ... but there is some evidence that it may already have been in use in Late Antiquity (5th century).

Image of Tetragrammaton 
According to a Jewish tradition developed during the 3rd to 2nd centuries BCE, the Tetragrammaton is written but not pronounced... It is widely assumed...that the vowels of the substitutes of the name—Adonai (Lord) and Elohim (God)—were inserted by the Masoretes to indicate that these substitutes were to be used.”

   Note that Lord and God are substitutes because they are not names but titles. i.e. Engineer, General, President, etc.  Thus praying to a title would be like mailing a letter without an addressee.  This is why God’s son Jesus gave the explicit instruction to pray to his Father.

 “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” (Matthew 6:9–13) 

“Father, hallowed be your name.” (Luke 11:2–4)

   Wikipedia says about the prayer Jesus instructs his listeners to pray in the manner prescribed in the prayer. Taking into account its structure, flow of subject matter and emphases, one interpretation of the Lord's Prayer is as a guideline on how to pray rather than something to be learned and repeated by rote.

   Jesus said in another prayer to his Father in John 17:6 “I have made your name known to them…”  As per the above it’s safe to assume Jesus was referring to the name Jehovah.  But just to be certain check it out on Google and Wikipedia.  

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Dabarkad Miss World Phil.

   Cherie was multitasking when she vaguely heard from the television that the new Miss World Philippines to compete for the Miss World title was from Eat Bulaga.  She knew all the beautiful ladies hosting in the studio but the name she heard was not familiar.  The name she heard was Valerie Weigmann.  She wondered if it could be one of the backup dancers.  

   The next time she heard the name the beauty queen was being interviewed.  She was all dressed up with a crown on her head.  It took Cherie a while to recognize the lady.
    She was used to seeing the girl in jeans and shirt top with her hair in ponytail.  It’s the girl she knew as Val.  The Val who went to all the Barangays with the Juan For All hosts.  She joked around with the rest of her cohosts.  She was so at home among the crowd of sweaty common folks.  There, under the heat of the Philippine noon day sun in the streets of different communities she was just Val.  It was not easy to imagine her as a beauty queen.   She went missing for a while and Cherie assumed being of German descent she must have gone back to Germany.

   Val’s Facebook says she is a print, ramp and commercial model, an entrepreneur who co-owns a restaurant named "bamm".  She may have been all that but the one thing that stands out is her being a part of the Sugod Bahay Dabarkads.  There’s something about being a Dabarkad that touches the heart.  It’s being in the company of people who care about the forgotten majority and actually do something for them.  

   Beauty contests claim that they are all about doing charity.  How many beauty queens have been to the remote barrios and Metro Manila urban poor areas?  Val has seen in person the different dire situations in the communities she has visited.  Whether she wins Miss World or not, Val will always be the beauty queen for the Dabarkads all over the world.


   The beauty queen went back to her humble beginning and rejoined Juan For All segment of Eat Bulaga in an urban poor barangay in Quezon City.  Unprecedented in the history of beauty queens! Despite her German heritage she is truly one of our own.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Backlash

   In 1965, in Pasay City, Roy, who was an only child was 22 when he started courting Laila, his 14 year old neighbor.  He gave her expensive gifts but she was just not into him.  She thought he was a ‘mama’s boy’. 

   Elenita, a classmate of Laila’s ran away from home and came to live with Laila.  Elenita got to meet Roy and started flirting with him.  Getting tired of the hard to get Laila or maybe to make her jealous and take a second look, Roy started dating Elenita.  One thing led to another and soon enough before Elenita’s mother found out where she was staying, Roy has already gotten her pregnant.  

   Roy’s mother refused to let his son marry Elenita.  Their courtship was too whirlwind for her taste.  She said they should wait till the baby is born.  That should give them time to know each other better.  

   The couple lived together till the baby was due.  When the baby was delivered, before the young mother woke up from the anesthesia, Roy’s mother gave the baby up for adoption.  Elenita was heartbroken.  Roy dumped her soon after.  Laila was right all along.  Roy was a ‘mama’s boy’.  

   Decades went by.  Elenita moved on.  She finished college, married a musician who did gigs all over Asia.  They had 5 children.  When Laila saw her last, Elenita was happy.  

   As for Roy, he found someone his mother approved of.  He married the girl but she had one miscarriage after another.  Finally they split up because she couldn’t give him a child.  Then he went from one woman to another.  None of them could give him a child.  Roy has been alone since his mother died.  Who would have thought the child he gave away so hastily would be the only one he’ll ever have in this life.  

   Some people would call this ‘Karma’.  The Bible has a text that sounds appropriate.  

   “I, Jehovah, am searching the heart, 
    Examining the innermost thoughts, 
    To give to each one according to his ways, 
    According to the fruitage of his works.”                 (Jeremiah 17:10)

   God simply gave Roy his heart’s desire.  As they say "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!”

* Names were changed to protect the guilty.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Facebook Friend

   Life in this century has become so fast faced that there is not enough time to keep up with friends.  We have friends we don’t see or hear from for decades and yet we know that friendship remains just below the surface of our life.  

   We find friendship in the most unexpected places.  Like the officemate we meet at the break room or the people who share our interests and routinely cross our path.  Then there are accidental friends we find along the way like the girl at the bus stop or the doctor who has your welfare at heart.

   In 2004 a new kind of friend was added to our life, the Facebook friend.  As the song says “Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?”  We have friends all over the globe.  We have childhood sweethearts here and there.  How could we tell if anyone still cares?  The friend who ‘like’ our posts is one who cared enough to click that button.  One who wasted valuable time looking at our page, reading our comments, and commenting back must care a lot.  

   Then there is the Facebook friend whom we have never met in person yet shares with us a common place and time like the schoolmate who was not in our circle or a guy from the other side of our beloved Pasay City.  We can now all bunch up into a group page where we reminisce through posts and comments.  With these almost perfect strangers we open our family photos, our thoughts and opinions, our triumphs and tragedies which some of our family don’t know.

   God has given each individual the right to decide.  That right includes whether to accept or ignore a friend request.  The ‘so called friends’ we frequently meet who have ignored our Facebook friend request are probably just that.  

   A new way of ending friendship was devised.  As fast as it was gained it could be thrown out with the ‘unfriend’ button, the most humane form of rejection that has ever been invented.  No fights, no abusive words, a split is just a click away.  

   For the retirees who have a lot of time on their hands, they can find old friends and lovers from 40 years back, look at the photos and make the cyber reconnection.  Thanks to the communication satellite circling the earth that powers the bars on our device.