Monday, September 1, 2014

Mother Said …Part 2

   Olive’s mother, Celina belonged to the generation of Gloria Romero, when women were demure and chaste by tradition.  These were the women who stayed married for life to womanizers “for the sake of the children”.  Olive saw her parents’ marriage unfold before her eyes from her childhood to her teens.  She believed, the reason why there is no divorce in the Philippines is so husbands can keep their wives while they enjoy other women.  

   Olive’s father was not a bad guy, just attractive to women due to his financial level.  Ironically, while women of the era were traditionally virtuous, the men were compelled by the same tradition not to reject women, otherwise their manhood could be questioned.  

   By the time Olive matured and married in 1970, the world has changed with regards to most traditions.  Her father, in his 50’s was still fooling around.  Olive got curious and asked him “When you have other women, do you deprive mom in bed?”

   “Of course not!  No man should ever say no to a woman.  I would do them all, even if there are 10 of them in line!” was her father’s proud reply.

   Then Celina heard from nosy neighbors that Olive was having problems in her own marriage.  It was time for a mother and daughter heart to heart talk.  

   “Don’t live the way I do.  Don’t stay home the way I did.  If you’re not happy LEAVE!  If you need help with the children give them to me.  There’s a big world out there, find your niche.” Celina advised, to Olive’s surprise.

   Olive took her mother’s advice.  She left her first husband and found a new man.  (" I say to you that whoever divorces his wife, except on the grounds of sexual immorality, and marries another commits adultery. Matthew 19:9)

   After over two decades her second relationship started to fall apart.   They had been cheating on each other for many years.  But the two decades have mellowed the spunk in Olive.  Her children have married and left.  Celina has died and yet Olive kept hearing what her mother said “If you’re not happy LEAVE!”  

   Olive sold the four bedroom home she had painstakingly acquired and moved out of her unhappy marriage.  She got a job, then moved into a ladies dorm near her office.  If Celina were alive to see her retake control of her life, this is what she would say. 

   “Way to go daughter!  I am proud of you.”

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