Monday, August 25, 2014

The Wedding

   1969 in Manila, the country was ripe for Martial Law.  In the hub of street mass actions, a wedding was arranged in secret.  The bride and groom wore blue jeans and exchanged bullets instead of rings.  They pledged to fight and die together for Philippine national democracy.  The music was a nationalist song totally devoid of romance.  The bride has romanticized the political struggle like a love affair between her and her country.  That was enough to put her heart into this wedding.  She liked the groom and was proud of him but she was not in love.  However all her flirting has got him in love with her.  She went through the motions of a girl in a whirlwind love affair.  Her emotional coldness was blamed on her youth.  She was seventeen.  How serious can one be at that age?  

   The groom was 18, in a hurry to be a man.  The political struggle and this marriage ought to do it.  He mistook the bride’s lack of tenderness as a result of her being street wise, having grown in a rough edge of Manila.  He thought she was hiding her great love for him to keep her cool façade which was typical of “siga mentality” (street thug mentality).  The bride spoke proudly of the neighborhood toughies she grew up around.  She narrated to him their feats and gang wars.  Being from the province he did not appreciate the city bums.  He grew up in the farm with hard work and no fun.  He hated that those city bums live off their parents and get to be heroes in her eyes.  

   They have not even kissed.  The groom has had little practice kissing in his young life.  The bride has been kissed by her high school boy friend.  She loved the kisses and liked the kisser a lot but for some reason she did not fall in love.  The couple both had no clue how the honeymoon would go.  

   The newlyweds checked into a motel.  The cheapest they can find.  But like any honeymoon it was an exciting journey into the novelty of intimacy.  The bride was a virgin.  She went to bed a child and rose from it a wife.  The groom woke up feeling like he became an action star.  Their future from there on was entirely in God’s hands.

* Names were withheld to protect the guilty.

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