Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eat Bulaga's FHHM - The Equalizer 2

   Cherie has always been slim.  She has a workout routine designed to keep fat off her back.  As well as keep her thighs, upper arms and waistline in shape using leg weights and dumbbells.  Now a senior citizen, she can still wear the skinny jeans or leggings commonly worn by teens.  The figure which she flaunted in a tankini whenever possible also came with another price.  She had to miss bigger bites of goodies that she loved like leche flan, cakes with marshmallow icing, halo-halo, etc.  However she never even tried to join a beauty contest because of her five feet one inch height.  Most contest required at least a height of 5’6. 

   Imagine her surprise upon seeing Eat Bulaga’s FHHM contest.  While other nations’ competitions urged losing weight, others simply overlooked the over weighed, FHHM brought out beautiful plus size ladies out of the wood works.  They now have their talent, wear the makeup, dresses and gowns and speak their minds in the interview portion all in the spotlight televised not only nationwide but via Filipino channel global wide not to mention the history making YouTube clips that could be available to their grandchildren someday.  

   Once again Eat Bulaga has found a way to be The Equalizer, leveling the field between the over praised slim and the overly ignored plus size women.  This contest also highlights the Philippine’s uniqueness in its treatment of women.  Countries all over the world should keep in mind that the women comprise half of their population.  The less disenfranchised women the better it would be for the country because that other half of the population would make a big difference in winning a war, supporting the economy or by just being good mothers affecting the crime rate and the justice system. 

   Eat Bulaga uses the word Dabarkad to mean its regular stars, audience and followers.  Dabarkad is the flipped word for ‘barkada’ which means ‘group buddies’ in English.  Cherie was in her teens when it became a fad to flip words so that parents within hearing distance would not easily catch what the teen was thinking or planning.  Cherie is proud to be a Dabarkad residing in San Francisco.  She loves that Marian Rivera has joined the Dabarkads.  In her eyes Julia is one of the most beautiful women she has seen.  She dreams of seeing Poleng’s wedding to Bosing.   
Julia Clarete
Marian Rivera

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