Monday, August 18, 2014

Best Place to Work in Manila

   In 1998 Gloria found a new job.  GA Manila a branch of an international interior design firm allowed her to be creative with Microsoft Project and PowerPoint.  She even enjoyed filing long after she was promoted to Administrative Manager!  

   She loved the company and her officemates.  The cubicles were designed so each one of them can see everybody else.  While they all worked hard there was always conversation going, teasing and laughter.  Everyone was an open book they accepted each other with no pretenses, nor defenses necessary.  They swapped lunches.  There was a sound system where employees played their favorite music.  To top that a flat screen TV with cable was installed in the break room hanging high off a wall visible to everyone so employees won’t miss their favorite show during lunch break.  They didn’t get paid for overtime but on those nights when they needed to work after five the company provided pizza so projects got done in party mode.  Employees happily stayed till nine or ten without overtime pay.  

   The Managing Director, who preferred to be called CDC, treated the employees kindly.  When her daughter needed a computer, Gloria approached CDC in the break room one morning. 

   “CDC, my daughter is in college and she needs a computer.  I need a raise to be able to afford the monthly payments.” Gloria said while handing CDC a newspaper ad of a computer.  

   ”This is not right.  You’ll be paying big interest.  Do you remember the company from where we bought the new flat screen monitors?  Order your computer from them and charge it to the company.  I will give you a raise equivalent to the 24 monthly payments and you pay no interest.”  CDC said after he read the ad.

   “Thank you so much!” Gloria did not think it would be so easy.  She got the raise and the computer interest free.  

   Company events were celebrated with dinner, booze and dancing at Hard Rock Café while summer trips were booked overnight at a beach resort with bonfire by the shore, all at company expense.  During the Holiday season, the year end party had raffle prizes like appliances, latest cellphones and wine baskets, etc.  The office closed from December 24 to January 1st giving everyone a week of paid vacation on top of each individual’s vacation benefit.  

   Gloria stayed in GA Manila until she left for the States.  Those were the best 8 years of her life.  

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