Monday, July 28, 2014

Internet Marriage Manual

   He tried so hard to get you to marry him.  He traveled across the world to meet you, with gifts and treats for your entire family. He waited, years even, while your visa is processed, paid all the fees, and the whole time making you dizzy with money, gifts, Hallmark cards and long distance calls.  Then you finally arrive in the US and have that wedding and honeymoon you’ve been dreaming of.  And you tell yourself he loves you so much to go through all that for you.  You feel like Cinderella grateful to her prince. 

   Then as soon as the honeymoon is over:

He forbids you to eat your country’s food.  He says you smell because of the food you eat, or it makes you fat or it cost too much, etc.

On the other hand: 

If he wanted someone who eats only American food he should have married an American?
He shows no respect, calls you names in front of his family and friends.
You wouldn’t do that to him even if you lived in your country, why should he get to do that to you because you live in his?
He likes nothing about you, your country, religion or culture. 
Before one can love someone isn't he supposed to like that person?  How can anyone claim to love you and not like you at all?
He wants you to get a job but gets upset should you send some money home or buy anything for yourself. 

If you can work in another country you probably worked in yours.  You might have earned less but you’d have it all.  Isn’t less better than nothing?
He screams at you for no reason.  It could mean he’s looking for a fight so he can have a reason to get physical. 

Fight the urge to scream back.  Reply respectfully but firmly.  A calm intelligent reply raises the level of the conversation.
Innocent until proven guilty
Foul play until proven natural cause

   If he is keeping you but shows no love ask yourself what’s his agenda? 

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