Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Filipina Deals with California Drought

   Water is one of God’s gifts to man.  Just think of the pleasure it gives when it runs down your body during a bath or the satisfaction you feel as it goes down your throat after a meal.  The excess water that goes down the drain pleases no one.  Wasting water is not only senseless, conserving it is now mandatory in California with a $500 fine due to the current drought. 

   To deal with the new world drought Sheila went back to the old world ways she learned from the Philippines, a country which ironically drowns in flood water every year.

  •    Water the plants with very little water since the roots are just below the surface there’s no need to soak all “six feet under”.  Water the garden at sundown to keep the sun from drying the ground giving osmosis time to process.

  •    This is an old trick practiced in the Philippines where there is no car wash.  (People with cars usually have live in maids and/or drivers to clean the cars.)  Wash the car with a sponge and a bucket of water mixed with a small amount of basic shampoo (no conditioner or any other feature).  This won’t need much rinsing as compared to using harsh soap or detergent which actually contribute to rusting metal.  It also helps to keep the paint shinny just as shampoo is advertised to give shinny hair.

  •    Wash items with the faucet turned on a fourth of a full blast.  This cleans just as well.  It may take a second longer but a second of your time is worth it if it means saving 3/4th of water typically used.

   The above could be practiced long after the drought is over.  Since water seeks its own level if we do our little share in conserving water at our end maybe people won’t be swamped on the other end of this earth.  There is a chance we could actually be saving a life from flood drowning by balancing the water cycle back to the way God intended.  Sheila remembers her childhood in the Philippines when she played in the rain.  

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