Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Fighter’s Mom

   As seen by those who caught the latest Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight on HBO, Pacquiao was called a force of nature.  At the end of the fight, when he was declared a winner Pacquiao’s mother joined him in the ring and rightly so.  Pacquiao was raised by a Filipina to be that “force of nature” with 56 wins (38 knockouts, 18 decisions) under his belt.  

   After Bradley gave her son a head butt in the last round as what seems to be a futile attempt to get even for losing the fight Pacquiao’s mother gave Bradley a hug in a show of sportsmanship few mothers can do.  I applaud Manny not only for keeping his mother in his life as few successful men have done but most of all sharing his success with her as rare boxers have done up on that ring.  

   Was it easy to watch her son get punched?  Surely not for any mom.  Manny Pacquiao has become a politician in his country.  That should have been enough for any mom to lobby for boxing retirement, a career change for a more physically safe future.  Pacquiao’s mom knew his winning every fight is for the Filipino people back in those islands.  The fighter’s success brings more pride and joy to the nation than any of his fellow congressmen most of whom are busy lining up their pockets with public funds.  Pacquiao’s slim physique fuels his swift punches, his foot work like a dance.  However it is his humble demeanor that makes the man a representative of his nation.  That and having a mother who is not shy to climb that boxing ring and claim her fifteen minutes of fame as a reward for the lifelong job of raising her son to be a winner.  

   To a Filipina motherhood  is not just a responsibility handed by fate.  Motherhood is a gift from God and should not be taken for granted.  Most Filipinas despite being a breadwinner with their right hand chart the life of their sons and daughters with their left.  It’s a thankless job but someone’s got to do it. 

Post Script:
   She has found a man! Let's be happy for her.

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