Friday, May 9, 2014

The Email Ordered Wife – 2nd Edition

   The book, The Email Ordered Wife was launched in 2012.  In 2013 the person on whom the character named Gina was based went home to the Philippines for a vacation.  She got reunited with her treasure box which she entrusted her daughter-in-law Jenny to keep when she left for America.  In the box were letters.  The Second Edition now includes the content of those letters as the person on whom the character was based finally speaks for himself.  

   The Second Edition of The Email Ordered Wife was published in April of 2014.  It included a Filipino custom that was particular with the province of Cavite called “ubusan ng lahi.”  It meant if a family member is killed, the surviving family members don’t go to the authorities but takes out one in the killer’s family and the cycle goes on till no one is left standing in both families. 

   In the Epilogue, a puzzling dream was unraveled by events that occurred between the first edition’s publication and the second edition, a time frame of approximately 18 months.  The dream came to her some 14 years prior.  

   Hence the Second Edition is more than an edition.  It is an addendum to a story of  star-crossed lovers spanning 35 years and two continents.  

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