Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flowers of California

   San Francisco does not get too hot even in the summer.  It does not get freezing like Chicago in the winter.  This kind of weather is perfect for orchids.  It’s not so bad for tropical flowers like bougainvillea, gumamela and of course roses all of which are common in the Philippines.  

   The gumamela sap when mixed with a little soap and water makes bigger bubbles.  Children in the Philippines crush the leaf of gumamela and mix it with soap and water and they get to play with the bubbles at no expense, another toy nature provides.

   Bougainvillea comes in so many colors and could beautify a plain home’s façade.  It climbs up or spread out.  In the Philippines it is used as a perimeter fence due to the thorns that discourage trespassing.

   Orchids grow in cold places in the Philippines like Baguio and Tagaytay.  In San Francisco almost every garden has them in variety.  

   Becky whose work takes her around Daly City finds the Philippine flowers.  They make her feel not far from the country she misses.  She has seen new ones she can’t name. 



However she has not seen daisies, the one flower that brings to mind her Drentz, the love of her youth.  



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